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Director of Business Transformation
New York, NY
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Joey G. Oct 04, 2019 305 views

Could you describe one of your typical work days ?

I am a senior at Brennan High School. I am interested in going into the business field. #business #entrepreneur #business-management #marketing...


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Hannah D. Mar 20, 2020 91 views

I have a couple of ideas as I am looking into colleges. How do I find which college fits me?

I am graduating soon and I am wanting to decide which career field best fits me. I love agriculture, photography and marketing design. which led me to #aricultural communicator that way I can get a job as a marketing specialist but I am freaked out about choosing a...

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KAREN L. Mar 22, 2020 289 views

What can I do when my future career probably has nothing to do with my degree?

I am studying Biological sciences but want to become a recruitment consultant instead. Should I declare a minor? #career #science #college #biology...