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For political science, would it be best to become involve in local government?

Updated Evans, Georgia

I would like to know what sorts of activities would boost me resume and give me experience. #political-science #government #local-government #resume

2 answers

Jim’s Answer

Updated Griffith, Indiana

As a Town Councilman, I have a great deal of respect for those who attend Town Council meetings and who are aware of what is going on within the government of the town, city or state, etc.  Stay after the meeting and ask questions.  Ask for copies of Ordinances or Resolutions. Read past agendas and meeting minutes.  

Below is a link to the Columbia County's agendas and minutes:


Katie’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas

Local government is a great option if you can't make it to the State or Federal government for internships or volunteering. Any experience in government is going to help you know if political science is what you want to do. A lot of folks don't know what they want to do when they start their careers, so getting that information early can really help you as you focus more on your career. Political science is a big world and lots of policy folks focus on one specific area, working with the local government can help you figure out if you want to specialize or not. Just don't limit yourself, think as broadly as you can. Local government is a great start, so is volunteering for a campaign or working with public servants in a volunteer capacity. Good luck!