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Elena L. Jan 16, 2018 203 views

For political science, would it be best to become involve in local government?

I would like to know what sorts of activities would boost me resume and give me experience. #political-science #government #local-government...


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Deana A. Nov 29, 2017 434 views

Can I get advice on social work and politics?

Right now I am pursuing a bachelors degree in Social Work. I am also pursuing a minor in public administration and a certificate in community resource management. Recently I have become interested in politics and local government. If I do eventually run for office or pursue a local government...

#political-campaigns #politics #government #social-work #local-government

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Alexandria S. Jun 18, 2016 1070 views

What are some ways I can make political connections while in highschool?

I am planning on attending college to major in political science before attending law school. Eventually, I plan on going on to run for a governmental position. I would like to get involved now with my local government and am part of a YMCA program that helps with that, but what else can I do...

#us-government #political-campaigns #lawyer #federal-government #local-government

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Sarumathy S. May 02, 2016 429 views

What are the studies under to become an IAS officer ?

i have more interest in the social and political field .. plz guide me #modeling...


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Samantha G. Dec 08, 2015 643 views

What might a government property investigator / inspector do through out a month?

I am a senior in high school and I am interested in working with/under the government. I know a little bit about this career, but I am interested in learning more about it to find out if it is the right career for me. I would like to get a sense of what someone in this career might do, and how...

#inspections #federal-government #investigations #local-government

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Samantha G. Dec 08, 2015 972 views

Could someone have a career in a science field that is under the government, and what careers might these be?

I am a senior in high school, and I am interested in both a science related career as well as a government career. I am interested in both local and federal government, so a career under either would be fine. I am also interested in water resources, genetics, marine biology, and environmental...

#genetics #environmental #federal-government #marine-biology #local-government