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What colleges in the West coast are well rounded?

Asked Boston, Massachusetts

I'm a Junior starting to seek out colleges before I get to my Senior year in order to make the transition and decision process smoother. I have been searching for colleges in the West coast, specifically located at least close to or in the city that provide Science Majors like Marine Biology, Pre-Vetrinary Studies, Zoology, and other majors related to that as well as a wide diversity range and hopefully have sororities/ faternities so I would be able to gain the tight knit community feeling that I already have back home. #college #science #veterinarian #marine-mammals #sorority

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Meg’s Answer

Updated Sunnyvale, California

There are a number of terrific universities - the UC system - specifically UC Berkeley - as well as the Claremont McKenna and Pamona colleges. The Claremont McKenna colleges are definitely smaller communities so i would start there: http://www.cmc.edu/