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How could Marine Biology be used in the entertainment industry? What other degrees could I combine with Marine Biology to get into an Aquarium with animal shows, like Moody Gardens or Sea World?

Asked Ava, Missouri

I've always loved aquariums and I've always loved shows, like shark feedings and orca shows. I was wondering what degrees could help me land employment with an aquarium who hosts these types of shows. #biology #marine-biology #entertainment #marine-mammals #aquarium #movie-theatres

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Janine’s Answer

Updated Salt Lake City, Utah

You will need a degree in marine biology, marine science, zoology, animal science, or psychology or some version of these topics. There are a wide variety of degrees that are represented in the animal care field! You will also need to gain experience in working with animals through volunteering or interning, learning hands-on how to take care of and train the animals that you are interested in.