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What sorts of opportunities are out there for a wildlife veterinarian, or what kinds of similar careers can one find win a bachelors in zoology?

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I am going to college and majoring in zoology, but find it a major with low access to specialized scholarships and less recognized than biology. However I know it's probably better for becoming a wildlife veterinarian, as I am planning on. I have thought about the possibility for working with the state government in protecting or healing wildlife but find it hard to find if opportunities like those exist or if the closest I'd get would be talking to a game warden once in a while. #veterinarian #zoology #wildlife #wildlife-conservation

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Andrea’s Answer


What a great career path! This path will lead you to many opportunities as long as you keep your mind open. A few careers come to mind:

  1. zookeeper, or a veterinarian at a zoo
  2. working as a veterinarian for a non-profit sanctuary or rehabilitation center.
  3. education and outreach for an animal facility
  4. U.S fish and wildlife
  5. conservation efforts

Andrea recommends the following next steps:

  • Ask yourself and answer what made you go into this path
  • Ask yourself and answer if there are specific animals you are hoping to work with
  • Look into and apply for internships or volunteer opportunities with those animals, or other similar animals