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What careers in biology will allow me to travel often?

I have always been interested in and enjoyed traveling, and would like to pursue a career in conservation or wildlife biology. What careers in that field, if any would involve frequent traveling? conservation nature-conservation wildlife-conservation wildlife-conservation wildlife-biology conservation-biology travel traveling

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2 answers

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Caitlin Margaret’s Answer

Hi Jazmin, I'm not sure if there is a specific career that guarantees lots of travel, but performing field research definitely allows you to travel sometimes. There are plenty of labs and researchers out there who need assistance gathering data in remote locations. It sounds like you want to be something like a field research technician. You can start by looking for temporary jobs or internships in locations you want to visit, or for topics you find interesting. Looking up different university research labs is another good starting place for finding projects that need field research assistants.

One thing to keep in mind - traveling for field research is not a glamorous or comfortable way to travel. During college, I helped a PhD student gather data for their thesis research by visiting marshes in southern states of America to record songbirds. Our budget was small, and we stayed in everything from tents, motels, and old houses with no AC and LOTS of bugs. This isn't to scare you - I had a blast that summer, and as long as you know what you're getting into, field research can be really fun.

You also might look into wildlife conservation outreach careers. The nature of outreach positions often mean traveling to meet with lots of different people, although you may also be expected to do a lot of online outreach work.

I hope this helps!
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Kim’s Answer

Work at sea traveling around US and world as a Marine Endangered/Protected Species Observer (ESO/PSO). Deployed a few weeks to few months monitoring for marine mammals and/or sea turtles. Basically, get paid to whale watch! Fisheries observer is another opportunity to travel. Need BSc to get started.