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Fayetteville, NC
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I want to be a wildlife/conservation biologist or photojournalist for National Geographic.


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Jazmin L. Apr 08, 2018 443 views

Should I choose a minor that is easily utilized if my major is specific to a certain field?

I would like to major in conservation biology or wildlife biology, but it seems like a very difficult field to become employed in, and I was planning on minoring in psychology because I am interested in behavior and thought it would compliment a biology degree. However, would it be better to...

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Jazmin L. Apr 08, 2018 452 views

What careers in biology will allow me to travel often?

I have always been interested in and enjoyed traveling, and would like to pursue a career in conservation or wildlife biology. What careers in that field, if any would involve frequent traveling? conservation nature-conservation wildlife-conservation wildlife-conservation...

conservation-biology traveling travel wildlife-biology

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Jazmin L. Mar 24, 2018 1185 views

Should I consider changing my wildlife/conservation biology major if I am bad at math?

I want to pursue a degree in conservation biology or wildlife biology, and have been told by previous professionals that I should keep my grades up in science math classes. While I enjoy and excel in my science classes, I am not as good at math. I am able to maintain an A or high B in all math...

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Jazmin L.’s Avatar
Jazmin L. Mar 24, 2018 631 views

What jobs can I apply for with a degree in conservation biology?

I previously wanted a degree in wildlife biology, but after I further explored my interests I became more intrigued with the conservation aspects of biology rather than the scientific aspect. It's also come to my attention that Conservation Biology is a fairly knew major, and I was wondering...

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Jazmin L. Jan 24, 2018 386 views

What can I do in high school to prepare for a career in wildlife biology?

I want to pursue a career in wildlife biology or conservation biology. At my school, there are extensive programs to prepare students for a career in the medical services, and engineering. There's classes for theatre and visual arts, as well as other performing arts programs, however there does...

conservation-biology college-prep wildlife-conservation wildlife-biology career-opportunity-and-preparation