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Career Questions tagged Career Opportunity And Preparation

Jazmin’s Avatar
Jazmin Jan 24, 2018 485 views

What can I do in high school to prepare for a career in wildlife biology?

I want to pursue a career in wildlife biology or conservation biology. At my school, there are extensive programs to prepare students for a career in the medical services, and engineering. There's classes for theatre and visual arts, as well as other performing arts programs, however there does...

Analisa’s Avatar
Analisa Sep 01, 2017 554 views

What type of college is best?

A number of colleges across the U.S. offer the major I want, however, there are schools that specialize in teaching this subject, as well as schools that provide excellent internship opportunities. Would I be better off going to a specialized college, a college with internship opportunities, or...

Madison’s Avatar
Madison Sep 01, 2017 837 views

What does being a book editor entail?

I know I want to be incorporated in the book industry. First I thought about being a writer but now I've moved towards editing. Being able to help the books that move so many people and change peoples lives, come to fruition would be amazing. I would want to focus on fiction novels. What I...