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How well can a wildlife veterinarian fit into wildlife conservation and education?

Updated Providence, Rhode Island

I like to think that teaching about nature and wildlife is the best way to get people to think of helping efforts to save them. While I don't want to be a teacher, myself, and prefer medicine to vague biology, I do want to help in similar ways to what they do. #veterinarian #veterinary #medical-education #animal-health #wildlife #wildlife-conservation #conservation

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Jonathan’s Answer

My short answer is that a veterinarian (wildlife or other) can fit exquisitely into wildlife conservation and education. First, a veterinarian with an understanding of wildlife management and population health can have a direct impact on the health and well being of wildlife. Second, even if not a full time teacher a wildlife veterinarian can certainly be an educator and just need to find a platform from which to educate. Local government, state government, local civics groups, FFA, etc... are all established groups where education can certainly be spread. As a veterinarian, one would generally be accepted as the subject matter expert whose word would carry a significant weight when presenting unbiased, relevant, science based facts versus the word of a conservation group leader/educator who generally, by nature, will be seen to be presenting biased opinions. Those who are conservation minded to begin with will probably accept the conservation groups word. Those who are neutral or farther "left" are likely to listen to hard facts coming from a subject matter expert, but will not necessarily accept "opinion" from what is seen as a biased group from the get-go.