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Omaha, Nebraska

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Isabella Nov 18 34 views

How did you choose a job that aligned with your goals and what you enjoyed?

I do not know how I am going to find a job that I enjoy and one that aligns with my future goals, like having family time and flexibility. Right now, I want to be an anesthesiologist, but after further research, I might not be able to meet my goals, so I'm not really sure where to go from...

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londyn Nov 02 81 views

How much schooling does a surgeon need?

How many years of college

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Teriyana Oct 14 164 views

Howard MBA or Johns Hopkins MBA?

I am trying to choose between these two MBA programs (Howard or Johns Hopkins). Does anyone know the main differences between these two programs? I am specifically interested in the "online"/part time version of each program. Thank you!

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Teriyana Oct 08 74 views

Where can I find affordable or nonprofit podcast studio for my startup business in Los Angeles?

Where can I find free and/or affordable resources to start a podcast in Los Angeles for my business startup? I am trying to find a nonprofit or affordable podcast studio to give my business a professional edge but I am having a hard time finding resources. Does anyone have anyone ideas?

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Sage Oct 01 126 views

When in highschool does the school start talking about career paths or what I can do after highschool?

Hi I'm a junior right now in highschool and once I got into my junior year I thought they would talk to me more about career paths and what I could do after I graduate but they haven't and I would just like to know when they started for you or when they do. Thanks!

Teriyana’s Avatar
Teriyana Sep 29 97 views

Does anyone know any universities that have master programs that in Multilingual Studies?

I would like to learn multiple languages at once and get a Masters degree. I've been searching the internet and have had no luck finding a program that teaches multilingual studies and/or Master program that has a "study aboard" opportunity to learn the language of one's choice. Any...

mars’s Avatar
mars Sep 24 100 views

What all do you do as a geologist? Also, what all is involved in becoming a geologist?

Where all do you go? As in, around the country, your city, global?

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Veronica Sep 23 240 views

How do you figure out what you want to do?

How does one figure out what they want to do if they have multiple interests/ talents that are not alike in anyway? For example: I love childcare. For most of time i don't care about the money but I also have a good head for math (I am looking into accounting or something of the sort) and I...

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Maggie Aug 29 122 views

How do you figure out what you want to do in your life?

I have been being pressured my whole life by the people around me to figure out what I am going to go to school for and what I'm going to do in life. I just recently decided on pursuing a career in film but some people are saying I won't make it. Can you help?

amber’s Avatar
amber Aug 06 133 views

Education Path?

What is a good higher education path for someone interested in chiropractic care?

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sin Jul 31 99 views

im a a sophomore in high school and need advice

im a sophomore in high school and need advice on when i should start thinking about college

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sin Jul 31 132 views

Career path question

what career path should i choose

sin’s Avatar
sin Jul 28 146 views

Career path help

what should i look for when choosing a career path

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Caitlin May 29 137 views

How many years of education does it take to become a Nurse Anesthesiologist? Is it worth it?

How many years of education does it take to become a Nurse Anesthesiologist? Is it worth it?

Sofi’s Avatar
Sofi May 02 185 views

Undecided career path

How do I know that a career path is for me? What if I’m unsure of what I want to do in the future? What are some ways that I could find what career path I enjoy most?

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