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Maggie Dec 26, 2023 1001 views

What colleges are good to study psychology at?

What are good, and realistically affordable colleges to major in psychology and to also take astronomy courses. I'm currently in 8th grade but really want to start planning ahead.

saesha’s Avatar
saesha Dec 26, 2023 603 views

how can i become a derm?

when can i become a psychologist and a dermatologist at the same time?

Jesus’s Avatar
Jesus Dec 01, 2023 603 views

What do I need to do to keep track of eye contact?

I would focus and be in a quiet place while being with someone I know, my family members, or a friend of mine. Even when I apply a job (part-time or full-time) I need to keep track of eye contact to have an important conversation with the manager at an interview or I won’t get promoted.

Clara’s Avatar
Clara Dec 02, 2023 462 views

is it easy to make money while in school?

what jobs are the best? what jobs are the worst?