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Raeghan’s Avatar
Raeghan Mar 15 338 views

Is it best to explore career options in computer science or marine biology?

I was accepted into a computer science program but I really like marine science and data science and was wondering if there is a way to combine them or if it's best to just explore career options in either computer science or marine science in terms of a bachelors degree?

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Mar 15 374 views

How did you find the job that you are currently employed at?

How did you find the job that you are currently employed at?

Rose’s Avatar
Rose Mar 14 570 views

How to find a career I can enjoy?

Every career I see I don't take interest in it as I am going to high school I really need to find this out

Hunter’s Avatar
Hunter Feb 24 340 views

How else can I improve my career path ?

I have started college and I am looking to start a career with the fish and game I am currently working on my bachelors degree and I am going to try to get a internship with fish and game this summer to help give me experience. My question is do you think I am on the right track, if so how else...

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Kaydra Feb 22 581 views

What would be my best course of action as a fresh highschool graduate for finding a job that suits what career i want.

I don’t really know where to get started I just know i want to start working in this field almost immediately and i want a college program fully online so i can focus on work.

Gio’s Avatar
Gio Nov 22, 2023 379 views

what can i do besides going to collage to work in zoology and wildlife biologist?

like is there any possible way I wouldn't have to go in person to college to achieve working in that field

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Halli Mar 20, 2018 859 views

Should I stay in school and obtain my Master's Degree before entering the work force or get a job out of college and then go back once I have some experience?

I will be graduating with an Environmental Engineering Degree and wonder if it is better to finish my Master's or get a job and then go back to school. #masters-degree

Maggie’s Avatar
Maggie Dec 26, 2023 994 views

What colleges are good to study psychology at?

What are good, and realistically affordable colleges to major in psychology and to also take astronomy courses. I'm currently in 8th grade but really want to start planning ahead.

Jupiter’s Avatar
Jupiter Dec 25, 2023 599 views

Is it hard to be a teacher because you get paid kinda bad?

I'm in 11th grade and am in a early childhood education class. I joined not really knowing if I wanted to be a teacher or social worker. Both are still hight on my list but I think I'm learning I want to be a teacher. My worry is that I might not have enough money in the future. So is ot worth...