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Career Questions tagged Astronomer

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Jul 31 171 views

Is earning an astronomy degree hard?

What's involved in earning an astronomy degree? Does involve a lot of math, physics, and theoretical classes? What classes would one take?

Aryona’s Avatar
Aryona Aug 06, 2021 517 views

What can I do to become an astronomer?

I want to become a future astronomer and I need to know how exactly to get the position I want. #astronomer

amanda’s Avatar
amanda Jul 02, 2021 450 views

what do you have to do to be an astrophysicist

I am #any interested in #astrophysics and #visualarts

Ben’s Avatar
Ben Feb 16, 2021 295 views

What is an average week's workload in the field of Astronomy?

I am currently a sophomore exploring different career paths. #astronomy #career-path

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Jul 26, 2020 371 views

What is it like being a scientist working for a space agency?

Currently, I am looking into possibly pursuing a science degree and work at a space agency. What kind of work do you do at a space agency like NASA?

#astronomy #space #science #JULY20 #career #astronomer #scientist #nasa #CSA

mahdiyah’s Avatar
mahdiyah Oct 02, 2019 429 views

Is it really worth to spend 9 years to become an astronomer? I've always loved astronomy since i was a kid, but now that I'm older and actually need to focus on what courses i have to take to get into university and jobs later on. And honestly i feel like if i take astronomy its too long for me, i mean its what i like but its too long. so is it real worth to spend 9 years to become an astronomer??

#school #astronomy #astronomer #IGCSE

Aimee’s Avatar
Aimee Oct 31, 2016 739 views

What clubs/organizations should I take while possibly majoring in astronomy?

I want to major in astronomy (and possibly minor in computer science) and try to get at least a bachelor's degree and at most a master's degree. For the longest time I wanted to work at NASA but I also understand that to get any job relating to astronomy I need to do internships and possibly be...

ANDREW mgr’s Avatar
ANDREW mgr Jun 24, 2016 653 views

From my childhood, I want to become an Astronomer. Especially, working in NASA was my lifetime goal. If i want to become an Astronomer in NASA, what are the qualities should i have to improve?

I have the dream to become an Astronomer. But, i don't know how to achieve it. Please, guide me. #physics #scientist #astronomer

Dhanush’s Avatar
Dhanush Jun 22, 2016 480 views

In which stream i should select in higher studies to become a Astronomer?

I want to become a Astronomer. But, I couldn't know to select my stream in higher studies. Please tell me which stream could i select? #astronomer

Ethan’s Avatar
Ethan Jun 04, 2015 3172 views

Is it worth becoming an astronomer with the debt that comes after it?

I am a Freshman in high school and have always enjoyed looking at planets and stars. The thought of space has always fascinated me, but I am not very rich so its kind of difficult to pay 20,000 dollars a year when I could go for Architecture (which I am a little less interested in) for so much...

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley May 06, 2015 888 views

What classes can you take to get an astronomy career?

I am asking this question because i am very interested in the astronomy field. #astronomy #astronomer