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Is it really worth to spend 9 years to become an astronomer? I've always loved astronomy since i was a kid, but now that I'm older and actually need to focus on what courses i have to take to get into university and jobs later on. And honestly i feel like if i take astronomy its too long for me, i mean its what i like but its too long. so is it real worth to spend 9 years to become an astronomer??

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3 answers

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Jane’s Answer

Hi Mahdiyah,

It’s good to think of the big picture, but you can also benefit from taking things one step at a time. Astronomy is a fantastic class to take just to better our understanding of our universe and our place in it. Take the class first and see how you feel about it. If you find it interesting and compelling, take the next one. If you find that you truly love the subject, each step of the path will be its own reward. And then the total years won’t matter.

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Kimberly’s Answer

Hey, There

I understand how you feel also, I can relate. I would suggest asking yourself this question is it really worth it? does my love for astronomy overcome the obstacles? Try out an astronomy class and see how it is. Doing volunteer work to get your feet wet and explore asking questions from people in the field. If it inspires you and motivates the passion in you to continue then it can be worth it. However, but if not then you can choose another career. As a space enthusiast myself, each step is a reward if you truly love the subject. I hope this helps.
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Isel’s Answer

I agree with Jane. Sometimes you just have to try it. You might not like it at all and switch to a new career. Also, there are different fields within astronomy so it might be also worth looking to what kind of astronomer you would like to be. If I can give advice to myself at your stage, I would have watched a log of videos of what it takes to be an astronomer, what are the day to day activities. Learning is great but not all that you learn in a class you will apply in a real job. Learn as much as you can from asking people, watching videos, doing informational interviews and seeing what things you like. Go to is a career website that adjust to your likes and gives you job possibilities. Best of luck. Let me know if you have more questions.