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Brian Dec 22, 2019 558 views

School may be committing fraud.

So after I had already been dropped out of school for more than a month and a half, still my school had pulled out a $5,000 portion of the financial aid for the next semester. And I've been notified several times, for several weeks prior, that I would be considered dropped out the next...

Jia’s Avatar
Jia Aug 01, 2019 323 views

Can I take Business, computer and physchology in Alevels If I want to pursue Interior desiging in University?

I have done my Olevels and now I have to choose my Alevel subjects but i am confuse what subjects should I take if I want to study interior designing later in university. #college #Needguidance

Knaya’s Avatar
Knaya Nov 14, 2019 288 views

If I take a semester off in a community college, can I still participate in internships or other activities giving by the same college ?

#student #college #internship

Kyah’s Avatar
Kyah Nov 20, 2019 521 views

What type of classes do you take in college to become an athletic trainer?

#athletic-training #sports #occupational-therapy

Kennedy’s Avatar
Kennedy Jan 16, 2018 543 views

Is it better to major in non science majors as a premed student

Would like to apply to medical school . Was told medical schools look for diverse students who stand out not just science majors

#medicine #college-major #medical-school #college-admissions #graduate-school #pre-med

Karyme’s Avatar
Karyme Sep 09, 2019 352 views

If you could start all over again would you change your career path in anyway? Why?

Is it worth it ? Is it something you actually enjoy doing? I know it’s not easy dealing with criminals and all that stuff. #college #criminal-justice

Ray’s Avatar
Ray Oct 13, 2019 469 views

How can I become a journalist/author/writer for psychology research?

I am a high school senior with a passion for psychology and a knack for writing. I am looking to major in psychology. Should I minor or dual major in English, or another field? What else do I need to pursue in order to accomplish this? #psychology #college-major #english #research-psychology...

mahdiyah’s Avatar
mahdiyah Oct 02, 2019 560 views

Is it really worth to spend 9 years to become an astronomer? I've always loved astronomy since i was a kid, but now that I'm older and actually need to focus on what courses i have to take to get into university and jobs later on. And honestly i feel like if i take astronomy its too long for me, i mean its what i like but its too long. so is it real worth to spend 9 years to become an astronomer??

#school #astronomy #astronomer #IGCSE

Morgan’s Avatar
Morgan Oct 03, 2019 361 views

What should I minor in to become a clinical psychologist?