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Elizabeth W. Aug 30, 2018 251 views

Are credits your freshman year transferable to many different majors?

I am taking an ASL course, as well as 4 other courses, but it looks like only 1 of them matches up to what I should be taking for an elementary education major. Would most my class credits be able to transfer to the education department, or would I be an entire semester behind (minus 1 class)?...

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Malina D. Mar 15, 2018 247 views

Does taking challenging courses in high school actually pay off?

Initially, when I began taking accelerated courses --which evolved into Honors programs and AP classes-- my goal was to complete most necessary classes so that by senior year I could go home after fourth period. Now here I am, at that aspired goal of checked off credits and possessing the...

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Tiffanie L. Jul 11, 2016 408 views

How much college credit transfer when you switch schools?

I am thinking about going to a school in the city instead of a school from upstate. I want to know how many college credits will transfer over if I completed all my gen eds in the upstate college. #college #gpa...


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Wesley H. Oct 27, 2015 1185 views

What skills do I need to be an engineer

i want to know what skills I need for engineering #engineering #engineer #skills #fun...


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Austin O. Oct 14, 2015 1034 views

What kind of credits do you need in college to be a chef?

Hi my name is Austin I am from Norman County West and I was wondering what kind of education you need to have to be a chef? I've always liked cooking so I've always wanted to be a chef ever since I was little. Also once you graduate how much money per year do you make? Some other questions I...

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Joana R. Jul 28, 2015 853 views

What website can I use to take paid or unpaid internships?

I need work experience so I can get better for future benefits such as writing or teaching. Any suggestions ? #college #internships #experience #work #love...