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Are credits your freshman year transferable to many different majors?

I am taking an ASL course, as well as 4 other courses, but it looks like only 1 of them matches up to what I should be taking for an elementary education major. Would most my class credits be able to transfer to the education department, or would I be an entire semester behind (minus 1 class)? #classes #majors #credits

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2 answers

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Angela’s Answer

Hi Elizabeth,

It really depends on the school and majors. When I completed science coursework for one major it was transferrable to another major because they had similar requirements. General classes could be transferrable; however, specific classes might not count. For one major I had to declare a specialization that required me to take 18 credits in a specific topic. Maybe these classes can be used toward elective credits for the major. I would recommend talking with a school counselor.

Good luck

Angela recommends the following next steps:

Talk with a counselor at the school to figure out if they can be counted for the general coursework or electives

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Ken’s Answer

The best way to get answers to this question are to make face to face contact with people to get their advice:

  • talk to your academic adviser and get his/her advice
  • talk to the director of alumni relations to arrange to meet and talk to graduates of your school who are doing what you think that you might want to do and get their advice
  • talk to your academic adviser, the head of your major area of study, and the reference librarian at your local library to locate and talk to people connected with professional associations that people who are doing what you think that you might want to do belong, so that you can get their advice.