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What type of classes do you take in college to become an athletic trainer?

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2 answers

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Jane’s Answer

Hi Kyah,

To get into Athletic Training, you’ll take some math, biology and anatomy and physiology at least. For math, most likely college algebra and statistics. You might also take chemistry and likely an intro to psychology class. With those core sciences as the base, you’ll then take sports psychology, kinesiology, sports medicine, nutrition, and athletic treatment.

You can search for Exercise Science, Physical Fitness and Health majors to see which schools come up with those programs. Then, go to the websites and check out the curriculum for these programs. That will tell you exactly which classes are required for the major. Also, since you’re an athlete, talk to the trainers at your school. Where did they study? What did they like about their AT program? Would they recommend it and why? Pick their brains...they’ll have great insight for you!

Good luck in your sports and studies!


Jane recommends the following next steps:

Talk with any athletic trainers you know about what they studied and what their major was.
Google programs and check out their curriculums.

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Ashutosh’s Answer

Below are the classes that need to be focused on:
Evidence-based practice.
Research methods.