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Is it better to major in non science majors as a premed student

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Would like to apply to medical school . Was told medical schools look for diverse students who stand out not just science majors

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2 answers

Hwal’s Answer



I wouldn't say there's a better or worse major, but I'll say that the best major for you is the major you enjoy the most. In other words, choose an undergraduate major where you think you'll have most fun, because you'll be just as eligible as qualified for medical school no matter what your major is as long as you take all prerequisites and other requirements for application/admission for whichever school you decide to apply to.

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Abby’s Answer


Hi Kennedy! I’m sorry no one’s answered your question yet. We're working hard to get it answered by Professionals with the best insights, but in the meantime I've included a link to a relevant Q&A here on CareerVillage.org that should be super helpful for you to read through.

Kara asked: What is the best thing to major in if you are going premed?, and one of the Pros who answered it said:

I would suggest you major in the Biological Sciences with perhaps a minor in chemistry. Having said that, if you have an area of interest, such as history, language, sports; try and make an effort to explore these other area of interests. Medical Schools like to see a degree of diversity. They would prefer to see a person who has interests, which will expand their personality making for a more rounded professional...

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