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What kind of back up plans are available for pre-med students?

Updated Arlington, Texas

There are more applicants than matriculants and it will only get more difficult to enter medical school. What are some back up plans that a student majoring in science can have aside in order to prepare for the worst outcome: rejection? #college #medicine #doctor #medical-school #med-school #graduate-school #pre-med #science

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Angela’s Answer

Updated Houston, Texas

There are lots of options... especially if you will still complete at least you BS in Biology or Chemistry (if your pre-med classes don't equal a BS degree look at what classes you need to make it happen). There are many careers in the medical field in addition to doctors. Have you considered nursing school? It's also quite competitive but usually have more spots than the medical programs. Or working in the diagnostic labs that support clinics and hospitals. There are medical lab technician or clinical lab technician (MLT/CLT) programs that help you get into those positions.