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Dylan’s Avatar
Dylan Jan 20, 2018 778 views

Would it be good to major in criminal justice and minor in psychology if I want to be a state trooper?

I would like to be a state trooper in the future and I would like to know if those too fields would help me succeed #criminal-justice #psycology

Gracey’s Avatar
Gracey Apr 05, 2018 411 views

I am interested in being an orthodontist. What should i major in to help me achieve my goal?


tayvian’s Avatar
tayvian Apr 04, 2018 437 views

what are the specific steps to become a mechanical engineer?

I love working on cars. I would love to follow these specific steps in order to become a mechanical engineer and work in the environment with cars. I see myself as a mechanic in my life, but I would love to learn a little bit more about the process to become one. #mechanical-engineering...

Victoria’s Avatar
Victoria Apr 04, 2018 336 views

How long does it actually take to become a doctor?

I've heard various answers to this question and am not quite sure how many years of residency and schooling it takes all together #medicine

Sharon’s Avatar
Sharon Mar 30, 2018 538 views

What is the best way to pay off your student debt?

I'm starting #college in the fall. I'm working on #scholarships but I know I'll still have some debt. #financial-aid #student-debt

Tara’s Avatar
Tara Mar 25, 2018 328 views

How do you balance being a physician with having a close relationship with a significant other/family members/friends or even starting a family?

I'm excited about entering the medical field because it interests me so much and would be the perfect job for me. I'm just worried about the type of work-life balance real practicing physicians have and what they do to combat the issues that come with working such an intense and time-consuming...

Phoebe’s Avatar
Phoebe Mar 24, 2018 411 views

How am I supposed to afford graduate school?

If most people have to get #loans for undergrad, how do you pay for grad school? do you just have to take out loans? #graduate-school #financial-planning #school

Jade’s Avatar
Jade Mar 13, 2018 426 views

If I were to work on my prerequisites at a local public university for two years and then transfer too a public university out of state, is it worth it?

I have never really wanted to go to a local college because its too close to home and I love to travel. I only chose it because it was cheaper than any others and my parents are not helping me pay for college. Would it be worth it to switch colleges after two years or should I just stay with...

Melanie’s Avatar
Melanie Mar 07, 2018 481 views

What are some career choices for majors in biology or chemistry?

There are majors that I am interested in looking at in college. #biology #chemistry

Geydy’s Avatar
Geydy Mar 06, 2018 366 views


How long do you have to be in college for to be a vet? What are specific things you have to be good at?

Rocio’s Avatar
Rocio Jan 26, 2018 464 views

#what is a day as a Doctor or Surgeon ?

Hi this is Rocio, I was wondering what is it like to be a doctor or Surgeon. Because when I get older I know I want to be on of these but my mind is still not made up yet. So I want to see how your day is as being a Doctor or Surgeon. #Doctor #brain-surgeon

Sharieanna’s Avatar
Sharieanna Jan 26, 2018 513 views

How long did it take for you to become an official obgyn?

What career steps did you take? #babies #obgyn #medicine

Tony’s Avatar
Tony Jan 26, 2018 453 views

What is everyday life like for a doctor?

Curious about what doctors have to go through on an everyday basis in a hospital.

Vanessa’s Avatar
Vanessa Jan 22, 2018 414 views

What are some methods to make time for your studies yet all your leisure activities while still being on task with everything else?

I'm asking because I might go out of state and knowing that, I wanna know ways to help me keep focus. #outofstate

Kim’s Avatar
Kim Jan 22, 2018 363 views

Do colleges care about your SAT/ACT scores and GPA more than your extracurricular activites?

I have a decent GPA but my PSAT scores need improving and I can't do extracurricular activities because I have to work 4 times a week but I am trying to apply to competitive colleges #help