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I want to be a criminologist in the FBI with a psychology minor or major to also work as a criminal psychologist.


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Jade S. Mar 13, 2018 267 views

Is double majoring your first time in college too stressful and worth it? Or should I wait until I know more about what I can do?

The job I want after graduation requires a criminology degree but by getting another degree, I could even go further into that field. Would it be worth it to double major or should I wait longer to see what I can do? #double-major #cost...


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Jade S. Mar 13, 2018 262 views

If I were to work on my prerequisites at a local public university for two years and then transfer too a public university out of state, is it worth it?

I have never really wanted to go to a local college because its too close to home and I love to travel. I only chose it because it was cheaper than any others and my parents are not helping me pay for college. Would it be worth it to switch colleges after two years or should I just stay with...

#college-transfer #college #community-college