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Julia R.’s Avatar
Julia R. Dec 04, 2019 245 views

What are some realistic Jobs in wildlife and marine Biology?

I'm looking into getting my masters/doctorate in marine and/or wildlife biology. I'm interested in environmental science as well. I'm feeling a bit lost! #biology #marine-biology #environmental-science...


Flint D.’s Avatar
Flint D. Mar 24 282 views

How do I get in contact with more professionals?

I am in college for imaging science and film and I want to learn how to make more contacts in the field. #film-production #experienced #technology...


Abby L.’s Avatar
Abby L. Dec 01, 2020 151 views
Abby L.’s Avatar
Abby L. Dec 15, 2020 276 views

Is an MBA more useful than a PhD if I want to keep my options open?

I'm a 3rd year physics major at RIT and still have no idea what I want to do for a living once I graduate. I've heard that our MBA program is great, and I've been enjoying business-related work in my current job. Though I'm not sure what physics and business could combine to make me uniquely...

#mba #physics-major #science #phd #stem #college #physics #business

Abby L.’s Avatar
Abby L. Dec 16, 2020 277 views

What is an appropriate but subtle way to indicate my non-binary identity on a resume?

I've decided on adding my pronouns (they/them) to the header, but was wondering if anyone had any other ideas! #lgbtq #nonbinary #gender #resume #student #job-interview...


Anthony M.’s Avatar
Anthony M. Mar 31 80 views

Preparing for Physics graduate school

I'm a third year undergraduate in a physics program getting my bachelor's degree. I'm primarily interested in graduate school, and I was wondering if there was any advice regarding how to prepare for applying? #physics #school...


Vonseer A.’s Avatar
Vonseer A. Aug 15, 2018 254 views

Was it difficult to find a job after college?

I’m a Sociology Major with a minor is Psychology. I want to work either in a school with children as a counselor or as a psychologist for young adults. #psychology...


Abby Lupi’s Avatar
Abby L. Jan 20, 2018 552 views

How do I survive high school physics?

I love physics and study it on my own time, but I'm bored with what we're learning in class. How do I make it through another half year of a subject I love but a class I'm not into? #physics #high-school-classes #high-school-students...


Abby L.’s Avatar
Abby L. Mar 26 152 views

Is it okay to cold email professors who I'd like to do graduate research with?

It's time to think about applying for graduate school! I want to email some professors to learn more about their research group and fields of study. Is that acceptable or might it count against me in the application process? #phd #graduate-school #research #grad-school #applications #physics...

#academia #optics #laser-physics #particle-physics

Abby L.’s Avatar
Abby L. Mar 26 97 views

Which universities have great physics graduate programs?

I'm looking to get my PhD in physics, optical engineering, particle physics, or a related field. Since it's the end of my 3rd year as an undergraduate, it's time for me to start thinking about applications! #phd #physics #grad-school #optics #optical-engineering #particle-physics...


Abby L.’s Avatar
Abby L. Feb 23 94 views

Should I pursue a senior project that exposes me to a new area of physics or one that is more in line with what I believe I'll want to do as a career?

Currently, I don't have a clear idea as to what I want to do after graduation. I'll definitely apply to PhD programs, but I don't know what field I want to specialize in. Right now I'm most interested in optics, laser physics, and math. For my senior project, I'm tasked with choosing a...

#senior-project #microelectronic-engineering #engineering #undergrad #math #capstone #phd #undergraduate #research-advisor #college #physics #research #last-physics #optics

Abby L.’s Avatar
Abby L. Mar 12 121 views

What does a technical interview entail?

I've made it past the first round of interviews for a research lab I'm interested in, and the next step is for a PI to reach out to schedule a technical interview. I have no idea what a technical interview is, or how to prepare! I'm a physics student and would be working in acoustics or...

#technical-interview #data-science #acoustics #signal-processing #physics #research-lab #internship #interviews #applications #research #interviewing

Jon K.’s Avatar
Jon K. Mar 12 67 views

What are good things to consider for graduate school if I want to be a research physicist

I am a Junior at RIT, and I want to be a research physicist, but I'm not sure what are some good things to consider when thinking about graduate school. How important is it that I know what I want my career to be right now? Is it ok to switch programs mid-way through? #college #science...

Shadiah M.’s Avatar
Shadiah M. May 23, 2016 492 views

How difficult is it to find a job in ultrasound?

I know where I'm going to college and I know I will have some of the best resources for learning ultrasound, but I'm worried about finding a job after, mainly because I stress about interviews. #college #job #interviews #help...


Sincere M.’s Avatar
Sincere M. Apr 26, 2019 341 views
Abby L.’s Avatar
Abby L. Feb 23 107 views

I have an offer that expires before I get a final decision from other summer programs. What are my options and what should I do?

Good news: I've received an offer for a physics REU at the University of Arkansas! Bad news: I need to respond by Feb 26th, even though final decisions from other REUs, national labs, and NASA come in early March. What are my options? I've already asked if my application review could be...

#laser-physics #reu #engineering #physics #nasa #national-labs #internships #applications #research #optics #decisions

Abby Lupi’s Avatar
Abby L. Jul 24, 2016 672 views

How easy is it to pursue extracurriculars while double-majoring?

Considering a double major. Considering. As a person double-majoring, do you have time for anything else? #college-major #majors #college-majors #double-major #extracurriculars...


Tyler R.’s Avatar
Tyler R. Mar 12 100 views

I'm in a research oriented major (physics) and am having trouble deciding on going to grad school or beginning the hunt for work. What are some things I can do to help make a decision?

I'm a physics major and I haven't had any co-op opportunities yet, but I'm interested in what careers I should be looking for, or if I should be dedicated to grad school. Any help is much appreciated! #physics...


Tom R.’s Avatar
Tom R. May 23, 2016 626 views

What AP classes would be best to take in high school for an aspiring Computer Science major?

I am going into my junior year of high school, and have already taken AP U.S. History, but my score on the exam hasn't come back yet. What other AP classes should I take starting this year to help me get prepared for a Computer Science major? #computer-science #ap...


Vonseer A.’s Avatar
Vonseer A. Aug 15, 2018 344 views

During college does joint organizations make it more difficult to succeed?

I’m in a total of 5 organizations on campus and some are sports and others are connected with the SGA. #success...


Chance T.’s Avatar
Chance T. May 23, 2019 225 views

What is the most rewarding aspect of Brickmasonry?

Basically, I want to know exactly what makes it feel so enjoyable and worthwhile. Is it the fact of heavy working? Is it the calculating? Is it being able to move heavy things often? #brickmasonry #brickmason #mathematics...


Abby L.’s Avatar
Abby L. Dec 01, 2020 275 views

What are some other career options for physics majors besides high school physics teacher?

I'm planning to take more lab courses involving optics, lasers, and coding simulations, but I learned that I definitely don't want to pursue a career in software. I love doing research and am applying to summer internships at national labs. Any other suggestions would be appreciated! #careers...

#coding #physicist #engineering #jobs #physics #aerospace #research #optics

Scott L.’s Avatar
Scott L. Jan 23 93 views

Looking for a full time job with part of a college degree

#job-search #jobs #full-time Where are some places that I can apply to that are hiring full time positions for at least $15 an hour? I have my high school diploma and part of a physics BS and psychology minor. I'm interested in working with people whether they be customers or...

Grace R.’s Avatar
Grace R. May 18, 2019 188 views
Abby L.’s Avatar
Abby L. Dec 01, 2020 170 views

What's a good action plan once I've gotten so behind in classwork it feels hopeless?

I want to get credit for these courses, but covid and the state of the world has really taken its toll. How do I go up from here? Asking on behalf of a friend <3 #mental-health #classwork #schoolwork #college #studying...


Abby Lupi’s Avatar
Abby L. Nov 23, 2017 364 views

How much will being a girl in physics help me in the college process?

I know we're only about 20% of the field, but I'm wondering what the advantage will be with regard to undergrad admissions. #college-admissions #college #college...


Abby Lupi’s Avatar
Abby L. Oct 24, 2017 528 views

How formal should my college essays be?

I'm a bit unsure as to the exact style in which admissions are expecting essays. I was told to make them both personal and professional, but I'm not quite sure how to integrate the two. One person said I should avoid contractions at all costs and another said it is most important that the...

#writing #college-essay #college-admissions

Abby L.’s Avatar
Abby L. Dec 01, 2020 142 views
Abby L.’s Avatar
Abby L. Nov 10, 2020 191 views

How can I find jobs that will fund a graduate education?

Is this something I ask at a job interview? Is there a database for places that do? #job-search #physics #grad-school #graduate-education #benefits...


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