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Abby L. Dec 01 52 views

Any advice for someone who struggles intensely with motivation when it comes to schoolwork?

Asking on behalf of a friend who is experiencing mental health challenges <3 #motivation #mental-health #college #homework #schoolwork...


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Abby L. Dec 01 24 views

What are some options for someone who might drop out of college and who would like to become a teacher?

Asking on behalf of a friend who might need to take some time off due to mental health challenges <3 #college #career-change #college-drop-out #teaching #education...


Abby L.’s Avatar
Abby L. Dec 01 24 views

What are some other career options for physics majors besides high school physics teacher?

I'm planning to take more lab courses involving optics, lasers, and coding simulations, but I learned that I definitely don't want to pursue a career in software. I love doing research and am applying to summer internships at national labs. Any other suggestions would be appreciated! #careers...

#research #physicist #physics #engineering #aerospace #coding #optics #jobs

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Abby L. Dec 01 47 views

What's a good action plan once I've gotten so behind in classwork it feels hopeless?

I want to get credit for these courses, but covid and the state of the world has really taken its toll. How do I go up from here? Asking on behalf of a friend <3 #mental-health #classwork #schoolwork #college #studying...


Abby L.’s Avatar
Abby L. Nov 10 107 views

How can I find jobs that will fund a graduate education?

Is this something I ask at a job interview? Is there a database for places that do? #job-search #physics #grad-school #graduate-education #benefits...


Abby L.’s Avatar
Abby L. Nov 10 60 views

How easy is it to transfer skills from a physics BS to a job in industry?

I feel like a lot of recruiters will ask about engineering project experience or software expertise, and so far my classes have been math/theory focused. I'm comfortable with Python and have taken a few labs, but I feel like I don't have the experience a lot of employers expect. What sort of...

#job-experience #undergraduate #industry #physics-major #physics #givingiscaring #career

Sean D.’s Avatar
Sean D. Mar 27, 2018 291 views

I have been searching forskilled trade scholarships since October 2017. Very few exist despite workforce need in trades. Could anyone here share info about opportunities you've found?

Despite the critical shortage of skilled tradespeople in the American workforce, very few scholarships exist for students who want to attend vocational school or attend college for training in applied technologies. I know - I've been seeking scholarships since October 2017, for my Fall 2018...

#financial-services #scholarships #welding #skilled-trades

Caitlin D.’s Avatar
Caitlin D. May 24, 2016 561 views

Is the pediatrics a very hard field to get in to?

I love children and I would love to work with them. I just do not know if this would be a hard field emotionally, seeing very ill children. #medicine #pediatrics...


Raysllane L.’s Avatar
Raysllane L. Mar 06, 2019 84 views

What career should I follow?

I have English as a second language. I like to interact with people and I love animals. I would like to do something people or animal related. I even thought about working on early education but I’m afraid my English will never be enough to perform such...

Alonzo M.’s Avatar
Alonzo M. Mar 15, 2019 199 views

what are the benefits for being a electrician

what are the benefits for being an electrician?...


Abby Lupi’s Avatar
Abby L. Nov 08, 2017 481 views

What technical institutes also have good theater opportunities?

I'm looking to go into physics/astrophysics, but I'm also an avid theatrical actor. Are there any universities that are strong in both? #college #theater #physics #astrophysics #college-selection #college-major...


Abby Lupi’s Avatar
Abby L. Jan 20, 2018 444 views

How do I survive high school physics?

I love physics and study it on my own time, but I'm bored with what we're learning in class. How do I make it through another half year of a subject I love but a class I'm not into? #physics #high-school-classes #high-school-students...


Kayleigh K.’s Avatar
Kayleigh K. Aug 20, 2018 224 views

Is it hard to do work-study in freshman year?

Especially as a student athlete I'm wondering if I'll really have much time aside from classes, practice, and work. #work #athlete #work-study...


Kaylene W.’s Avatar
Kaylene W. Mar 01, 2019 184 views

What did you study in college ?

im interested in the Certified Nursing Assistant trade and have some questions . #nursing-education #nursing #college #nurse #medicine...


Andrew B.’s Avatar
Andrew B. May 09, 2019 136 views
Isabelle H.’s Avatar
Isabelle H. Apr 08, 2019 147 views

Is Pre-Med a good minor to pursue a speech pathology degree?

Currently I am a psychology major with no minor. Due to credit requirments ​​I need to find a minor. I fully intend on reciving ​a masters in speech language​ pathology, and my school does not have a speech program. I am enrolled in psych courses, ASL and science. I was thinking about...

#college-minor #psychology #major

Abby Lupi’s Avatar
Abby L. Dec 03, 2017 335 views

What jobs are there in specifically science advocacy/outreach and public policy?

I want to pursue science, but I also want to contribute to bridging the current science-policy divide we're facing in America. Are there any careers that deal specifically with these issues? AAAS maybe? #science #public-policy #policy #advocacy #career...


Abby Lupi’s Avatar
Abby L. Nov 23, 2017 383 views

Can I turn down my ED school if the financial aid package isn't sufficient?

If I were to apply early somewhere (with a binding agreement) and then accepted, would I have the opportunity to turn them down if it turns out I can't afford it? What's the protocol? #college #financial-aid #financial-services #money...


MaryKate L.’s Avatar
MaryKate L. Apr 14 70 views

What is a way that an interior designer could possibly guarantee a more stable income and lifestyle?

I know there could be the possibility to pair it with something else but I am not totally sure I would want to pair it with Architecture so I am looking for other ideas. This is something I might want to major in but I am concerned about the income and not making enough for myself...


Abby Lupi’s Avatar
Abby L. Nov 08, 2017 438 views

Should I bring my resume to a college interview?

I feel like it could be useful, but I'm not sure. If so, what's the recommended length? How would it work with an online/Skype interview? #college #interviews...


Sean D.’s Avatar
Sean D. Mar 27, 2018 296 views

I made the decision to attend college and become a skilled welder. I can do this in two year. Should I go to work right after that, or continue to get my BBA in Technology Management before I enter the workforce?

#weldingcareer During the time I did my Eagle Scout Service Project, an accessible bird blind for the Trail of Hope, Lyons, NY, took some welding and blacksmith classes I took at the Rochester Arc/Flame Center, and Technology classes in High School, I learned about the emergency shortage of...

#career #career-counseling #welding #skilled-trades

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kyra D. May 11 114 views
Ra-Asia R.’s Avatar
Ra-Asia R. May 23, 2019 131 views
Abby Lupi’s Avatar
Abby L. Jul 19, 2016 560 views

Is it better to attend a smaller or larger university?

I am interested in pursuing astrophysics and computer science. The colleges I'm looking at with appealing programs in those fields range from CalTech to Penn State. If it does come down to a decision, what is your opinion on larger vs. smaller institutions? The former tends to have better...

#computer-science #astronomy #astrophysics #physics

Tiy'meer T.’s Avatar
Tiy'meer T. May 17, 2019 201 views
Abby Lupi’s Avatar
Abby L. Jul 19, 2016 949 views

How do I select what to put on my resumé?

I understand that it often depends on where it is being distributed. However, I seem to have too much pertinent information to fit on a single page. In general, is it better to include diverse aspects of your being, or focalize around that field in which you are interested? #resume...

#college-applications #resume-writing #job-application

Raabia C.’s Avatar
Raabia C. Apr 13, 2018 422 views

How important is it to build relationships with your professors?

I will be attending college in September of this year as a freshman undergraduate student. I have heard from many that some college professors may not be as hands- on as others but it is always good to connect with them in terms of networking. I wonder how beneficial this type of networking...

#undergraduate #professors #college-advice

Abby Lupi’s Avatar
Abby L. Oct 17, 2017 498 views

Can I schedule an interview with a college after submitting my application?

I really don't have enough time to schedule all my college interviews before early deadlines. Can I schedule them after I've submitted my applications? #college #college-applications #interviews #college-admissions #college-selection #college-advice ##college...


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