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mahdiyah Oct 02, 2019 514 views

Is it really worth to spend 9 years to become an astronomer? I've always loved astronomy since i was a kid, but now that I'm older and actually need to focus on what courses i have to take to get into university and jobs later on. And honestly i feel like if i take astronomy its too long for me, i mean its what i like but its too long. so is it real worth to spend 9 years to become an astronomer??

#school #astronomy #astronomer #IGCSE

Andrea’s Avatar
Andrea Oct 03, 2022 333 views

What traits do people need to be successful in your line of work?

Data-Science and research

addi’s Avatar
addi Oct 19, 2022 318 views

Any tips for sociology and taking that course as a career?

What should I be looking for becoming a sociologist? Is there anything specific?

Joseph’s Avatar
Joseph Oct 03, 2022 258 views

How to get into computer hardware QA engineering?

How do I get a position working in a company where they are needing technicians to work with the hardware engineers to troubleshoot and do quality assurance work on their products. I graduated with an associates in pre - engineering but I would like to get some real world experience to...

Juan’s Avatar
Juan Oct 06, 2022 159 views

Is culinary very hard?

I'm a Job Corps student. I want to know if it is hard being a culinary arts student.

Jerin’s Avatar
Jerin Sep 22, 2022 349 views

When we start a career in computer system what challenges will faced ?

Being overloaded with information, Meeting new colleagues ,Learning your team dynamics , Fitting into company culture..

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Levi Oct 04, 2022 151 views

What is the easiest science field and which is the hardest?

Which ones harder"

kevin’s Avatar
kevin Oct 06, 2022 328 views

why is a bachelors degree needed for most construction jobs ?

i was wondering why is a bachelors degree needed for most construction jobs .