Career Questions tagged Cultural Anthropology

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Taylor C. Mar 27, 2018 265 views

Where can a degree in anthropology take me?

Anthropology is a way to connect the cultures of the past and future. People warn me of majoring in anthropology because of the limited jobs available . #college-major #anthropology #cultural-anthropology...


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Autumn H. Mar 23, 2018 254 views

What is the best way to start an anthropology career?

Anthropology has been a passion for me since about the 6th grade, as such, I have figured that this specific field could be tricky to start out in. The available jobs I can find or research usually tell me the best I can do is become a professor, a museum curator of some sort, or assistant of...

#ethnography #cultural-anthropology #anthropology

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Aliza H. Oct 10, 2014 833 views

What types of careers are available for people who want to major in Anthropology?

I'm interested in the topics that the major of Anthropology such as cultural diversity and global cultures, but I'm unsure about what types of majors are available this this career path. #anthropology #cultural-studies #cultural-anthropology...


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Valerie T. Apr 07, 2015 810 views

Which field of Anthropology offers a high-paid job?

I'm currently a Sophomore in high school and interested in Socio-Cultural anthropology. I would like to double major in anthropology and business/marketing. I want to use my communication skills to open a successful company. #business-management #cultural-studies...