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What types of careers are available for people who want to major in Anthropology?

I'm interested in the topics that the major of Anthropology such as cultural diversity and global cultures, but I'm unsure about what types of majors are available this this career path. #anthropology #cultural-studies #cultural-anthropology #undecided

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Tina’s Answer

Aliza, there are probably more careers than you think out there available from this field of study. My son originally looked at this career path four years ago and I learned quite a lot about the prospective careers he could pursue. He eventually moved into geology since he was more interested in the non-human aspect of history and archeology.
Archeology is definitely one field directly associate with Anthropology and there are a myriad of careers associated with the focus on the historical aspect of humankind: onsite dig projects, museum management, teaching, behavorial research from a historical perspective are among a few.
Because the area is focused on human behavior, the course work you choose in the area can lead to work with modern day behavioral research, non-profits, government agencies focusing on cultural aspects, international relations or social programs. One of the areas my son looked into was anthropogical forensics. It is a degree field with quite a diverse list of possibilities as well. We used a site by the American Anthropological Association along with universities with well-respected programs in the field to get information on career paths and what was required as course study with each. Don't be afraid to contact universities and talk to professors or career counselors on job prospects. They are always more than happy to help.

Thank you so much Tina! That response was very helpful. I am leaning towards focusing on working with different groups of people from different areas of the world. Thank you again! Aliza H.

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