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Career Questions tagged Collegeadmissions

Rasya’s Avatar
Rasya Nov 18, 2020 786 views

What are the best ways to stand out in the college admissions process?

I have good grades and extracurriculars but is there something else I could do to really boost my application?

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Kenny’s Avatar
Kenny Sep 25, 2020 413 views

What are some college application tips for this upcoming fall.

So the time has come, and all our hard work in the school system will soon pay off in our new chapter of education. So, now that we have entered the college application period, and the stresses of college essays; what would be some tips you can give to a first-in-family college applicant that...

Calista’s Avatar
Calista Oct 31, 2018 777 views

Why are college acceptance rates so low?

Acceptance rates to “elite” colleges and universities are extremely low and continue to drop each year. So I am wondering if these colleges and universities are very hard to get into because they admission standards have changed and continue to change of if there are just more applicants each...