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Career Questions tagged Public Speaking

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CV Office Hours Feb 10, 2021 384 views

How do you demonstrate your strengths in public speaking in an interview?

Office Hours #3: All About Interviews: The STAR Method with Judy Park This question was posed by a question during one of our most recent "CareerVillage Office Hours" sessions. During Office Hours sessions, we invite students to pose questions related to a specific topic. In this case, the...

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sara Sep 14, 2020 385 views

If my strengths are memorizing information and public speaking and hobbies are playing chess and cooking ,what types of careers or industries might best fit me?

I love math and science
I love learning new things and meeting new people
I love animals
I love cooking
#career #public-speaking #STEM

Erykah’s Avatar
Erykah Apr 26, 2018 664 views

How can I have better professional conversations?

I'm a pretty good talker between friends and in casual settings but haven't really had a chance to flex my professional speaking skills. In terms of future internship employers and professors, what are some good, non invasive topics to carry easy conversation? #professional-development...

Kensley’s Avatar
Kensley Feb 10, 2018 482 views

I want to go into public speaking in Ministry. Women are often frowned upon in this career choice. As I enter college in the fall, I plan on taking classes in communication and public speaking. What are some other things that will help me succeed?

Because it is often difficult as a female to be accepted in this profession.

#womeninministry #ministry #public-speaking

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Mireia Jan 17, 2018 941 views

Would you recommend taking a Speech class?

#speech-writing #public-speaking #public-relations #speech-class #communication-skills #life-skills #teaching #teacher #teacher-training #teachers #educator #educating #higher-education #primary/secondary #public-speaking #motivational-speaking #teacher-development

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Paige Jan 16, 2018 875 views

What tricks are there to calm down and present with confidence?

I get so anxious and nervous when I have to present a project infront of a class. I would really like to find a solution to this problem because as I progress in my major I would love to be able to put my ideas into the classroom and inspire.#presentations #anxiety #public-speaking

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Jan 16, 2018 748 views

What are some ways you can build confidence in public speaking, specifically for teaching?

I have around 7 years experience (or so) in tutoring, and I am pretty comfortable educating individuals and very small groups. However, I am considering pursuing an educators license and becoming a science teacher. I am not very confident in speaking in front of a group of more than 5 people at...

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Chandler Nov 28, 2017 1258 views

Tips on public speaking?

I’ve always hated public speaking.... I was wondering what some tips are for staying calm while giving presentations

#public-speaking #public-relations #public-sector #motivational-speaking #speaking #presentations #presentation

Jordan’s Avatar
Jordan Sep 01, 2017 656 views

What career(s) would be best for someone who is great at speaking in front of crowds?

I want to do something related to business, rather than acting or theater. I am currently captain of my school's improv troupe, but I much prefer hosting the games then playing them. I suppose I want a Public Relations degree so that I can present things to the public, but I am not sure if that...

Devetra’s Avatar
Devetra May 18, 2017 1240 views

How can you improve your Public speaking?

Had a public speaking class but still not confident #public-speaking

Ivana’s Avatar
Ivana Jan 25, 2017 897 views

What businesses/organizations do you all feel need help expanding their advertisements through social media?

I'm in need of insight on where to help and where to look/intern. #marketing #advertising #public-speaking #online-advertising

Albert’s Avatar
Albert Dec 13, 2016 807 views

What foreign language should I learn?

I want to learn a new language so I can potentially use it in my professional career. Is there a language that would be more useful in the business world? #business #career #entrepreneurship #language #foreign-languages #social-networking #public-speaking

Vera’s Avatar
Vera Oct 19, 2016 1069 views

How do I write a resume?

What does it take to compose a resume? Which skills are relevant? What does the company want to see from me? What if I have no experience? #communications #resume #resume-writing #public-speaking #interviewing-skills #communication-skills #job-application #personal-development

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Mitchell Sep 14, 2016 1511 views

What is the best way to improve your public speaking skills?

Public speaking is basically my biggest fear in the entire world. I pretty much try dodging every obstacle possible when it comes to this topic. This is a strong phobia of mine that just eats away at me. If I were to practice speaking when I know I have a presentation or something big coming up...

Liana’s Avatar
Liana Sep 07, 2016 762 views

Does living and growing up in a cosmopolitan area affect an individual's creativity?

People are who are intelligent aren't necessarily intellectual. I read a piece by a professor at Swarthmore College about how intellectual people see links between ideas and theories. Also, the majority of people in my town are part of the "Creative Class." Does the rise of the creative class...

Tiffanie’s Avatar
Tiffanie Aug 19, 2016 2301 views

How do you get over public speaking fears?

Before I give a presentation, I usually get very anxious, and even though I might be pretty prepared, I stutter and repeat the same words sometimes. What are good tips and tricks to help me improve presentation skills, and how would you give a great speech? #communications #communication...

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Safa Jun 24, 2016 779 views

What is the difference between American English and British-English

Am confused with American and British English #writing #english #public-speaking #reading #narration

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Safa Jun 24, 2016 1766 views

How can I become fluent in the English language?

want to improve my English #english #language #public-speaking #english-grammar

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Safa Jun 24, 2016 1042 views

What is the best website to learn English from the basics including Grammar.

want to learn english #english #language #learning #public-speaking #reading

Thu’s Avatar
Thu Mar 15, 2016 1786 views

How do you recommend I overcome my fear of pubilc speaking?

I'm hoping that others who have also had a fear of public speaking were able to overcome it and be successful business people. I get extremely anxious when I ahve to speak at all in class, but feel very confident when working alone or communicating digitally. I'm worried this will interfer with...

Danny’s Avatar
Danny Mar 14, 2016 2436 views

What's the best way to familiarize myself with the financial market?

I want to be in finance because I am really good with numbers and love math, but I have trouble understanding the financial market. #finance #financial-services #investment-management #investing #public-speaking

Austin’s Avatar
Austin Mar 10, 2016 1273 views

Do you have to be a good public speaker to have a career at PIMCO?

I am not a good public speaker and fear that that's important if I want to pursue a career in business (specifically investment management). How important is it? #finance #financial-services #investment-management #investing #public-speaking

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla Apr 08, 2015 1298 views

How do you choose between what kind of lawyer you want to be?

I am a high school sophomore that is interested in becoming a lawyer, but I'm not sure which type of lawyer I want to be. #public-speaking #oral-communications #court-cases

Gabriel’s Avatar
Gabriel Mar 24, 2015 1011 views

What would be the best time to go into the field of becoming an announcer for radio or television, and try to maintain keeping good grades in college?

I am a athlete, I love the game of basketball, but I also love being in the camera. I know how to be a host because I host a lot of shows before and I am not scared of crowds, especially when it comes to talking about real life situations or about music; or sports. I am asking my question...

Aalayah’s Avatar
Aalayah Feb 18, 2015 1348 views

What exactly can you do with a Public Relations Major?

I am a junior in high school and am trying to open my possibilities for what I can Major in in College. I love public speaking and currently do high school Forensics. I was also considering majoring in Theater as well but i feel like my opportunities will be limited with this degree. I am not...

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Joan Sep 26, 2014 4056 views

How do I get chances to practice public speaking?

I keep hearing that I am supposed to practice public speaking to improve myself. I always imagine that there will be lots of class discussion in college, so I want to be better at public speaking before I go to college. I do not have any real expertise so I don't see how I can find any way to...

Eddie’s Avatar
Eddie Oct 22, 2013 5839 views

What are some ways I can be better at speaking confidently?

Every time I get called on in class or I have to present to the whole class I get really nervous, ESPECIALLY if I have to stand up when I'm doing it!! I tried to speak at home in the mirror to practice because my teacher suggested it but it feels silly. Some of the other students are more proud...