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Career Questions tagged Pastor

Jana’s Avatar
Jana Nov 15 70 views

How long will the process be for becoming a pastor?

I would like to know more about becoming a pastor.

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Miranda Jun 06 136 views

How do I get donations?

I am 17 years old and I am trying to raise enough money to go on a missionary trip with my church. I am struggling to make the money.

Walker’s Avatar
Walker Nov 10, 2022 196 views

Amount of years on average to get a theology degree?

How long on average does it take to obtain a pastoral/theology degree at a base level? What are the minimum years needed?

Swole’s Avatar
Swole Nov 20, 2019 405 views

How much does a youth pastor make?

I am a junior in high school #youth-pastor #church #pastor

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler Jan 16, 2018 542 views

Is it beneficial to intern at the job you would like to get after you graduate

I want to be a pastor but would like to know if it’s beneficial to intern at a church
#youth-pastor #pastor #internships

Jennica’s Avatar
Jennica Oct 29, 2015 800 views

What can I do to practice being a pastor?

I would love to one day become a pastor, but if I started practicing now, of course i'd get better. What can I do to start by practicing, what tips should I use? #pastor

Jennica’s Avatar
Jennica Oct 15, 2015 2036 views

How do pastors use technology to write sermons and preach?

I have an IT assignment I am working on. I picked a dream job, (pastor) and now must find out how technology relates to that. And, to be honest, I don't think that they need technology. They do to find verses faster and to make a website to help people find the location of the church and...

Zech’s Avatar
Zech Apr 01, 2015 1078 views

How do I become a Pastor and start a ministry?

I'm a high school senor I want to become a pastor. I'm reading lots of books on faith and on the Bible and I'm studying under my youth pastor. I'm reading Bible commentaries. Is there any other books I can read? What classes will I need and what else should I do? #youth-ministry...