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What is the academic and social environment at the University of Toronto and its different campuses?

Asked Asbury, New Jersey

For an American high school student who has never been to Canada, what is the U of T student environment like? To current students, alumni, or professionals at U of T, what is the curriculum and general teaching style and what kind of undergraduate research opportunities exist for hopeful biomedical research scientists?

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Tina’s Answer

Updated San Francisco, California

Hi there! Although I've lived in San Francisco the last 10+ years, I grew up and attended the University of Toronto (St. George campus) for my undergrad. The 3 main campuses (Mississauga/Erindale, Downtown/St. George, Scarborough) are quite different in academic and social environment. Downtown is the biggest and have most discipline but a big focus on medicine, education, sciences, engineering and humanities. It's also a campus where most students live in a dorm or near the campus whereas the other two campuses it seems, are commuter schools. So I'm sure the attendance rates for parties are higher downtown :) Scarborough campus is also known for business administration. So it all depends on what you're looking for! :) Good luck!