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How do I get an apprenticeship?

Updated Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I'm taking a Welding Technician program at a polytechnic in my city when I pass I will be a second-year apprentice, but I'm still worried about getting work in an economic downturn; what can I do now to improve my success rate?

(I live in Canada)

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1 answer

Michaella’s Answer

Updated Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Hi David, Maybe you can start looking at different companies in Calgary now and go speak with them, ask if you can start working part-time or if you can shadow some of their workers. You can ask your school, or look them up online: Indeed, Kijiji. It will show that you have initiative and are willing to put in the hard work. You could also consider moving outside of Alberta when you graduate. For example, Toronto's and Vancouver's economies are doing better, and there might be more jobs there.