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Career Questions tagged Poetry

Carrington B.’s Avatar
Carrington B. Jul 28, 2021 175 views

What Kind Of Poetry Do You Like?

I’m a writer and a Slam Poet, so I’m good at writing lots of things and your opinions on what you like to read, will benefit me in the future. writing...


De'Lana H.’s Avatar
De'Lana H. Jul 26, 2021 183 views
Jadden H.’s Avatar
Jadden H. Jun 26, 2021 177 views

When you are interested in being an entrepreneur of several businesses, how do you know which one to focus on first?s

I am interested in art (which includes different forms of art), science, real estate, managing, finances, teaching, and etc. My head is just usually all over the place 24/7. entrepreneur business art music poetry dedicated technology...


Jonathan M.’s Avatar
Jonathan M. Apr 26, 2018 443 views

What is the best kind of poetry to read if I want to major in English?

I've spent time in AP English Literature and Composition, but I wanted to explore the poetry out there, but I'm not quite sure where to start. aplit english poetry...


Empris D.’s Avatar
Empris D. Jan 24, 2018 410 views

How do I, a young writer, pitch my book to publishers?

I am a writer and I would like to pitch my book of poetry to publishers. Which publishers are most open to publishing new, young writers? creative-writing poetry...


Vanaja R.’s Avatar
Vanaja R. Jun 24, 2016 968 views

What kinds of careers are options for people good at poetry? What degree should I pursue?

Hai I am Vanaja. I am interested in and very good in Poetry. I am from India . Do we have any degree supporting Poetry? Pls let me know the Courses, Scope of Poetry and the Job Opportunities? professor literature...


Eveul Jr E.’s Avatar
Eveul Jr E. May 05, 2016 689 views

How will I recieve scholarships for Poetry?

I have a special passion and I want to pursue a career as a poet and a rapper creative-writing...


Hamanda .’s Avatar
Hamanda . May 23, 2012 15158 views

What type of classes should i take in college to become a sucessful writer?

I am a high school junior. I have always loved to read, and i love to write poetry. I want to write fiction or fantasy novels when i get older. I just want to know what steps should i do now before i finish highschool to prepare for the classes i should take in college. writing reading...

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