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When you are interested in being an entrepreneur of several businesses, how do you know which one to focus on first?s

I am interested in art (which includes different forms of art), science, real estate, managing, finances, teaching, and etc. My head is just usually all over the place 24/7. entrepreneur business art music poetry dedicated technology social

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4 answers

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Marcin’s Answer

In my mind, having multiple interests is a blessing, not an impediment. First and foremost, they indicate a curious mind—almost a prerequisite to a successful career. They also come in handy when a particular career path you choose ends up falling short of the expectations, and you decide it’s time for a change. From that perspective, the more diverse & mutually unrelated your interests, the better & more various your options.

At times it may seem overwhelming not to know exactly where to focus and counterproductive to constantly switch contexts. In reality, a career coming together is a coincidence of many aspects, incl. your expertise, the needs of a particular business or industry, and—most importantly—the two aligning at the same point in time & space. The broader your expertise—which will largely come from pursuing your interests—the better your chances of finding a need & application for it.

The most successful careers & businesses are often built around domains that have little in common. Investing in multiple interests does not mean that only one will yield a return and all the others will turn out to have been a waste. To the contrary, being an expert in one field while also being interested & involved in others will give you an edge over competition and potentially lead to truly groundbreaking innovations.

To answer your question: keep an open mind & follow opportunities as they emerge. If possible, try different things in parallel, rather than sequentially: if your studies focus on science, practice art in your free time, if you study finance, pick a book on management. It does not matter what you focus on first; if you really have a talent or inclination for a particular field, you’ll find out soon enough; if you don’t have that single gift, you’ll become incredibly versatile in the process of looking for it.
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Richard’s Answer

You mention business and entrepreneur as interests. You can join a business without being an entrepreneur and visa-versa. The combination of the two is usually a "startup" which typically evolves into a business with others.

You can become an entrepreneur or start a business as an individual. If you are considering art, then there are many ways to do that either as an individual or in a group. For instance, paintings and drawing are usually individual activities.

If you are inclined toward a group, you might do what I did, in high school some friends and I started a band. It lead to a period of my life that was exciting and monetarily rewarding, as during college I made income as a professional musician.

Richard recommends the following next steps:

Start small. Pick one goal on which to concentrate.
Do something that interests you so much that doing it causes time to fly! As an entrepreneur, you will need to spend a lot of time getting to your goal
Be flexible and open to change. Sometimes businesses don't succeed, often for circumstances beyond your control. If that happens, move on to something else!
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Tiffany’s Answer

Good Morning Jadden, I would say to focus on the one that brings you the most joy. The one thing that lights that fire in you is usually the one that will allow your creativity to flourish. Also, on the other hand I will say try them all out and usually you will naturally gravitate to it. Remember to have fun with it and don’t be hard on your self, figuring out what you like is all part of the process.

Hopes this helps!!!
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Peregrin’s Answer

I would add to the advice given that if you are looking to hone in on entrepreneurial options to consider, the best way to do that is to get serious about what your ideas would take to get off the ground. There is a great tool to help you focus, the Business Model Canvas, which you can google and find various templates of. The purpose of the template is to see if you can identify what would be involved in launching an idea, gives you areas to consider. In walking through this for your various ideas, you can than have a more tangible assessment of which ideas are more feasible to start than others.

I would point out that there are lots of opportunities within companies to be entrepreneurial. Product Development teams are constantly looking for how to sell new things.

Best of luck.