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Ali May 08, 2016 5700 views

What is the hardest thing about being a manager?

I would really like to be a manager or CEO one day. What is the hardest part about managing a team? What do you like best about it?

Thank you! #technology #management #leadership #human-resources

Angelina’s Avatar
Angelina Jul 10, 2017 31596 views

If you were your own manager for one day, what would you change?

If you were in charge of the department you work in for one day, what would you do differently? Would it be something with the actual work you do, or the place you work in? Thanks for your time! #career-choice #change-management #project-management #professional-training #computer-software...

David’s Avatar
David Dec 09, 2021 1110 views

Do you enjoy the career that you are working?

#engineering #work What exactly do you do when you are working? & do you work with people or alone?

Raylee’s Avatar
Raylee Mar 05, 2019 540 views

Does the growth of technology clash with religious teachings surrounding the modern world?

Has technology gone too far from a religious standpoint? Do biblical scriptures referencing a modern world reflect the improvements in today’s technology? #technology #tech #computer

Ever’s Avatar
Ever Nov 07, 2021 1070 views

Is it hard to get a job at a big name company? If so then what are some of the best ways to get in?

I am 18 y/o, im currently trying to figure out what I want to do for a living one day. Ive always been relatively good with tech and so I feel being some type of tech engineer is a good route for me to take. #job #business #technology #information-technology

Gamze’s Avatar
Gamze Nov 07, 2021 484 views

I am a public administration student, what should I do to work in what field after graduation?

#science #political-science
#iş #law #job-search

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan Aug 19, 2021 586 views

help me to know the processing of engineering

hi im Ryan can u help me to answer this question? #career #engineering

Hawkes’s Avatar
Hawkes Sep 28, 2021 486 views

How do you get a post college degree

I am high school and cool #job-search #career #job-search #technology #financial-planning

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Oct 19, 2021 582 views

How do you live on your own?

I am a young adult looking for answers on what funds to build, what saving accounts to make, 401k's? Retirement funds, I just want answers to basic adult questions. #money #technology

asus’s Avatar
asus Aug 08, 2021 891 views

unable to find future career path.

Hi, This is AJ. I'm a B.Sc student . I am passionate about cyber security (i'm non IT background). But I want to do business. I love teaching too. what should I do now ? I can't think what i have to do in future. someone help me pls...thanks. #career #teaching #any #career-counseling...

Macy’s Avatar
Macy Sep 08, 2021 1169 views

Is there a career that combines both political science and nutrition?

Hi! Im a college student that is interested in both nutrition science and politicla science. I don't want to work in a lab, and wanted to see if theres any career opportunities that combine both of these!
#science #political-science #nutrition

Sherry’s Avatar
Sherry Sep 14, 2021 642 views

When did you figure out what you wanted to do as a career?

I'm a senior in high school and I'm interested in a career in the STEM field. #stem

Iakov’s Avatar
Iakov Sep 14, 2021 771 views

Why is it so important to get a degree?

Why is it so important to get a degree in CS when most people are self taught in the field? - From a high school student whos thinking about going to college for a computer science degree, though already very knowledgeable with most programming languages #computer-science #college #computer...

Jarrin’s Avatar
Jarrin Apr 05, 2015 3306 views

What kind of jobs can I get with a political science degree?

I am switching my major from biology to political science and I'm just wondering what kind of jobs can i get with this degree. #science #political-science

Aniya’s Avatar
Aniya Oct 15, 2020 3405 views

Would is be smart for me to double major in finance and information systems, and get a master's in finance? If, so what career opportunities will I have?

I'm a senior, and by the time I graduate high school, I will have an AA degree. I'm thinking of a career in fintech, but I'm not sure. I do want to study finance, and I'm interested in technology. #major #college #high-school #career #finance #informationSystems #technology #doublemajor...