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Los Altos, California
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Allison Nov 16, 2022 478 views

What is the best way to manage my time in high school am having trouble with how to organize my activities, what would be some recommendations??

Hi am Allison, am currently a sophomore and am struggling with how to manage my time, I have a job and other responsibilities at home plus my homework and studying. but I also want to have fun and I feel like don't have enough time. :(

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Sam May 20, 2016 974 views

What is the most used coding language?

I'm interested in studying/majoring in computer programming and I want to know what most of the professionals use as their "go to" language. I've heard that C++ is a common one because of its versatility, is this true? Thanks for any feedback and help! #computer-science #technology...

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Jadden Jun 26, 2021 393 views

When you are interested in being an entrepreneur of several businesses, how do you know which one to focus on first?s

I am interested in art (which includes different forms of art), science, real estate, managing, finances, teaching, and etc. My head is just usually all over the place 24/7. #entrepreneur #business #art #music #poetry #dedicated #technology #social