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Posted on May 21, 2016

My ultimate goal is to start my own company that will mainly focus on video game development. However, before that happens I'm looking to get into a computer programming job.

Context: As I am currently in high school, my first goal is to graduate. Next year I will be taking my SATs, which I hope to score a perfect 1600 on. I also have intentions on attending a college or university that provides in-depth courses that will help me grow and improve my skills. I am currently learning a coding language (Ruby) as a starting point to programming.
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Sam T. May 21, 2016 634 views

What do colleges and universities look for in applicants?

I've always been told that you should be a "well-rounded" person if you want to get accepted to a good college, but that has never made sense to me. If I was a part of a college board I'd want students that excelled in a field that they are passionate about and would rather them be great in...

#university #college-admissions #application #students #college

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Sam T. May 21, 2016 532 views

How do you apply for scholarships and grants?

I've been looking into scholarships (for high school students) and am having trouble finding ones that I can apply for. How can I find ones that I can apply for?Are there scholarships that will be offered to me instead of me having to find them? How do people normally get scholarships and...

#application #scholarships #grants

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Sam T. May 20, 2016 677 views

What colleges provide in-depth courses for computer science and programming?

My main interest is in technology and computers (specifically computer programming) and I was wondering if there are any colleges out there that are considered the best in this area. I'm willing to consider any school as long as it provides courses I can take to improve. Thanks for any input...

#computer #colleges #courses #education #university

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Sam T. May 20, 2016 601 views

What is the most used coding language?

I'm interested in studying/majoring in computer programming and I want to know what most of the professionals use as their "go to" language. I've heard that C++ is a common one because of its versatility, is this true? Thanks for any feedback and help! #computer-science #technology...

#computer-programmer #computer-engineering