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What colleges provide in-depth courses for computer science and programming?

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My main interest is in technology and computers (specifically computer programming) and I was wondering if there are any colleges out there that are considered the best in this area. I'm willing to consider any school as long as it provides courses I can take to improve. Thanks for any input and help! #computer #education #university #colleges #courses

2 answers

Hina’s Answer


Hello! There are many great universities and colleges with highly rated computer science programs.
I personally went to UC Berkeley, which is a public university in California with a great base for theoretical CS and many extracurricular activities to grow in applications (hacking and building software).
Most colleges/university degrees will land you programming job after your bachelors degree. Being at my current company, most people have bachelor degrees in computer science (while some have masters).

Here's a helpful list of great Computer Science universities: http://grad-schools.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-graduate-schools/top-science-schools/computer-science-rankings

If you want to work for a top tier engineering company, theoretical knowledge of algorithms is crucial. Learning how to make an app is pretty easy, but learning how computers can process input to output in different ways is challenging (and is what companies are looking for).

Good luck!

thank you and its very useful to me thank you Hajira N.

Atul’s Answer


Hey Sam,

I got my BS in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and in my entirely biased opinion, it is an absolutely amazing school-- it is after all a top-5 CS school ! As Hina mentions, a good CS school teaches you more than just programming-- it teaches you important theoretical constructs such as algorithms, operating system design, database design, statistics and numerical methods that will let you build an amazing career for yourself. Of course, a great school is also one that has a lot of extracurricular opportunities that will let you grow in your field: hackathons, research projects, technical student groups, and more. Finally, a great school is able to attract the best minds, and top tier engineering companies who want to employ these smart minds. I've found that I learn and grow the most when I'm surrounded by excellence, and a top tier CS school is just the right environment for that.

So as you begin the process of choosing a school, make sure you choose the school that's right for you, and the school that meets all of these criteria. Good luck!

its very useful to me thank you! Hajira N.