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Is it more important to go to a prestigious college/uni or to go to another college/uni that is more unknown, but cheaper?

What are the pros and cons of going to a prestigious college/uni (ie Ivy League)? Is it worth it? Will I be able to have the same quality of education elsewhere? #college #education #university #colleges #ivy-league

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3 answers

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Keith’s Answer

One more thing to consider, is the actual cost. Generally speaking, the price between prestigious and non-prestigious private universities is not that different. The more significant difference is between private and public institutions in general.

You should also look at your cost after aid, since that can change the situation significantly. Don't rule anything out based on cost until you have seen what the actual cost will be for you.

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Kelly’s Answer

Many factors are needed to answer this question. 1. How does the university rank in terms of what you are going to major? 2. In the field you are majoring will you be staying in the general area for your first job? 3. What is the demand for individuals in the field you are majoring. When I interview applicants I always ask what interest they have in the field. One actually gave me an answer that I had no idea was in our scope of practice, but it did allow me to know she only intended to stay with us for a year and a half, meaning our training of her would have gone down the drain. I honestly know most of our training programs in the country and I wouldn't place an Ivy League education over that of a state university. I, like a number employers, do offer loan forgiveness because it is hard to find qualified applicants, but don't put yourself into a lot of student loan debt. In my field you have to have a master degree. Find a good state university and study up on a good master program.

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Esther’s Answer

Good question Kristina... The fact that you are thinking about paying for college shows that you are a responsible student! The answer depends on your situation...if your parents will be paying for your college (and can afford it without taking out loans), then go to the ivy league school if you have the opportunity. The benefit of going to an ivy league school - in addition to the knowledge you will gain - is the people you will meet there. The network you will build will definitely help you in the future.

If you are paying for your own education (like I did), then go for the cheaper option. You will be better off paying less but still getting a good education at the local college. I read an article recently that said employers don't really care what college you attended as long as you attended college.

If you are planning to attend school out or state (Ivy League or State college) then consider going to a community college in the state your college is located first. This will allow you to transfer to the college you want to a year later and qualify for in-state tuition which will help save you (and your parents) lots of money.

Good Luck! You will succeed no matter where you decide to go to school! =)