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Caitlin B. May 02, 2016 612 views
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Tyler R. May 04, 2016 765 views

Why is college so expensive now compared to when my parents attended college?

Because I'm frustrated that college will put me in a ton of debt. #college #student-loans #debt...


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Treshaun M. May 06, 2016 535 views
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Serenity W. May 09, 2016 1787 views

How often do college students get to go back home?

I know there are breaks during semesters, but I've also heard there's "dead time" in between those breaks as well. I am going 4 hours away from my home and I have people that I want to see more often than on holidays. Do I just have to wait until breaks or will there be a time that I can go...

#freshmen #college #moving #visiting

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Lilliana T. May 13, 2016 448 views

What basic supplies should I bring going into college as a freshman living on campus?

I am new to the college life and I want to be prepared but I don't want to show up to collge "over" prepared....


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Maria P. May 15, 2016 578 views

Could I have two completely different full-time jobs?

I want to major in the medical field and also agriculture. I want to attain jobs relating to those majors, but there are policies limiting more than one full-time job. #pre-med #doctorate-degree...


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Mary R. May 15, 2016 974 views

If I am unsure of which job field I'm going into, how do I know whether I should go to college? Should I take a gap year?

I am very much considering taking a gap year, however some people around me seem to discourage it. I know I do not want to go into college if I go into a field where it is unnecessary, such as filming, which I am considering. Any suggestions? #college #career #career-choice #careers #gap-year...


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John S. May 16, 2016 447 views

What is the average student loan amount for Oklahoma?

I will be working through college and hopefully getting scholarships. I hear of my friends saying, "I'm just going to do student loans." How long does it take to pay those off normally? And what's an average monthly payment? #college...


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Carrie D. May 17, 2016 828 views

What are some tips for maintaining a low level of debt during college?

I don't want to spend 20 years after graduating college drowning in debt. I would like to know some helpful tips to decrease the debt I will have. #college #teaching #teacher...


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Megan H. May 20, 2016 563 views

In college, is it best to live on campus or at home?

I've heard that dorm environments can be very distracting. I've also heard that living on campus helps get you more involved in campus culture and events. I have the opportunity to live at home, so I was wondering if the on campus experience is worth the extra money....


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Miriam S. May 24, 2016 634 views

What is the best way to get to know your professor and make sure he/she knows you if you are in a large class?

I have always had close relationships with my teachers throughout high school and I want to keep that up. I like to ask a lot of questions to make sure I am understanding everything clearly. #college #professor #masters...


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Kristina Y. Jun 28, 2016 746 views

Is it more important to go to a prestigious college/uni or to go to another college/uni that is more unknown, but cheaper?

What are the pros and cons of going to a prestigious college/uni (ie Ivy League)? Is it worth it? Will I be able to have the same quality of education elsewhere? #college #education #university #colleges...


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Amina D. Jul 08, 2016 513 views

Grad school vs. undergrad

Hello! Can anyone comment on the differences between undergrad and grad school? I am interested in astronomy/physics and was wondering how the classes differ, how teachers teach, etc. Any advice is appreciated. #graduate-school #physics #undergraduate #astronomy...


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Abby L. Jul 21, 2016 1935 views

How beneficial will AP Physics C be for freshmen year college physics?

I do not plan on attempting to place out of Physics 100 in college (every person I've encountered on visits has dissuaded me for some very good reasons). Though I am curious as to how helpful AP physics will be/how much of the same material will be covered. Can't seem to tell from course...

#college-major #professor #physics #college-student

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Diana M. Aug 13, 2016 418 views

Stereoscopic Ciruit

is it possible to build a circuit that will only have one potentiometer to control the volume of two speakers with the following materials ... LM386 Operation Amplifier, 10K POTENTIOMETER, SPEAKER (2), Headphone Jack (1), Arduino Uno Microcontroller, Resistors (no specific value), and...

#engineering #arduino #electrical-engineering