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How do you gain enough money in scholarhips to go to any college or University of your choosing with billions of people competing for that same money with the same drive and necessity as you?

Asked Kissimmee, Florida

College is pitched as a necessity but priced as a privilege. With great grades, an incredible amount of determination, and as much prayer you can fathom, many students still don't get to experience college because hey simply cant afford it. Loans, and grants must first be approved and even when they are, the interest rates are out to get us. I want to know how to win this scholarships. How can I be one the few to experience what adults have made me dream of and feel I cannot thrive without, college. How can one person, out of a billion, apply of a scholarship, and afford even a fraction of the cost of a good education.
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Keith’s Answer

Hi Alexis, In short, you need to apply and submit a FAFSA, and see how much aid different schools will offer you. There are many scholarships you can apply to, but you should also see what the schools are offering. Although the "sticker price" of college can be exorbitant, the amount many people actually pay is much lower, thanks to financial aid. Applying and submitting the FAFSA is the way to see what you will need. From there you can look to additional scholarships, Federal work-study, etc. to make up the difference. Keith
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