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Brielle S. Apr 04, 2018 171 views

How do you deal with a professor that you suspect is racially bias?

I am a black girl going to a PWI and I just want some tips and advice on how to handle this situation if it ever happens in my undergraduate and graduate college experience. #african-american...


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Myla S. Sep 01, 2017 566 views

African American Studies Degree?

What job could you really get with this degree? Also, what are some experiences in this class? Hate it? Love it? Let me know!#college-major #bachelors #humanities #african-american...


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Angelica B. Sep 01, 2017 271 views

Will my ethnicity be a factor when applying to scholarships that are not African-American / Black Exclusive

My sophmore year teach showed us a video that essentially said that more white students are chosen for scholarships and it showed a person that helps with the scholarship process and said that this is true and if that only applies to a predominantly white should oppose to a school that is...

#college #money #african-american #scholarships #first-generation-college-students