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Senior Software Engineer at Zynga
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California, California
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Sam May 20, 2016 1015 views

What colleges provide in-depth courses for computer science and programming?

My main interest is in technology and computers (specifically computer programming) and I was wondering if there are any colleges out there that are considered the best in this area. I'm willing to consider any school as long as it provides courses I can take to improve. Thanks for any input...

bhoomika’s Avatar
bhoomika May 20, 2016 1104 views

i am totally confused about which stream to take up in 12th.

I want to become a lawyer.i am interested in studying social science.I want to take up arts.But many advice me to take up science due to more career options. #science #law #lawyer #social #female-lawyer

Gabriella’s Avatar
Gabriella May 20, 2016 1053 views

What should I do in college to help me stand out when looking for a job after I graduate?

Looking for a job after college can be tough and I would like to know how I can make myself stand out to future employers. #college #job #hiring #employment

Javonte’s Avatar
Javonte May 20, 2016 970 views

Are engineers the same as game designers?

I was told that engineers solve problems, and I don't know the difference between that and a game designer. #engineer #gamer