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What kinds of careers are options for people good at poetry? What degree should I pursue?

Hai I am Vanaja. I am interested in and very good in Poetry. I am from India . Do we have any degree supporting Poetry? Pls let me know the Courses, Scope of Poetry and the Job Opportunities? professor literature poetry

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2 answers

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Phong’s Answer

Someone who is good at poetry should keep writing and be a poet. But if you need to make ends meet, a career as a copy writer in the advertising industry may be good to pay the bills. As for degrees, I am not sure about India but in Singapore there is a taught Creative Writing Master's Degree offered by LaSalle School of the Arts

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Ahmad’s Answer

For poetry, it depends which language are you interested in.
If you like poetry in english, then you can study literature at college/university level. take bachelor or master degrees and maybe even P.HD.
Same goes for any other language.
If you are a really good poet, then you can write your poems and publish them. You can also become a lyricist and write songs.You can teach literature at school or college level. So career options are there, you just have to be good at what you do!