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Mitra ’s Avatar
Mitra Nov 12, 2016 892 views

What types of jobs do people with international relations majors do?

I am trying to figure out what to major in and want to hear from someone who majored in international relations. #college #international #relations

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Oct 30, 2016 770 views

I enjoy playing video games and am considering becoming a video game designer. Is it better to go in to a regular computer science degree or some other specialized computer or graphics program?

There are many schools that offer computer science degrees but not as many that offer video game design as a major. What option is better for a career in this field? #engineer #computer #software #it

Shaziya’s Avatar
Shaziya Apr 30, 2016 6864 views

I am interested in taking up Science without Mathematics in Class XI. However, I have not scored well in my Class X boards.

Does this mean that I am not cut out for the Science stream? #any

marilingamma’s Avatar
marilingamma May 03, 2016 1108 views

i want become a computer network engineer?please guide my caeer

i want become a network engineer #any #professional

lavanya’s Avatar
lavanya May 31, 2016 1067 views

my aim is to become a marketing manager? please help me

which is the suitable qualification required for the marketing branch #any #professional

Srigayathri’s Avatar
Srigayathri Jun 03, 2016 908 views

how become a sofware engineer?

i have learn about soft ware engineer
#engineer #computer #software

Vanaja’s Avatar
Vanaja Jun 24, 2016 1372 views

What kinds of careers are options for people good at poetry? What degree should I pursue?

Hai I am Vanaja. I am interested in and very good in Poetry. I am from India . Do we have any degree supporting Poetry? Pls let me know the Courses, Scope of Poetry and the Job Opportunities? #professor #literature #poetry

Ayesha’s Avatar
Ayesha May 11, 2016 649 views

I am a huge fan of Dr VS Ramachandran and want to be a psychologist or psychiatrist. How do I go about fulfilling my dream?

Student of Hyderabad #any

Sairam’s Avatar
Sairam May 09, 2016 908 views

How can I become a celebrity?

i wanted to become celebrity #celebrity

shyam’s Avatar
shyam Jun 23, 2016 1003 views

what i want to study for mechanical engineering?

engineers,scientist,teachers #teaching #teacher #professor #students #scientist #mechanical-engineer #college-minor #lecture #merit

Poornima’s Avatar
Poornima Jun 28, 2016 596 views

What’s the best resume format for me?

for my life #teaching

kanika’s Avatar
kanika May 02, 2016 1032 views

Completing computer engineering can develop a software or to undertake any extra courses to develop a software

I am kani I want to become Computer Engineer. I am doing my 10th. Completing 12th with Computer science Group can join Compter Engineer. But will be able to develop a software by Completing Engg. #computer-science #engineer #teacher #computer #computer-engineering #technical

Lakshmi’s Avatar
Lakshmi Jun 23, 2016 915 views

i want to become a doctor?which subject i want to learn?

want to be a famous doctor to the social work.. #doctor #medicine #surgeon