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Completing computer engineering can develop a software or to undertake any extra courses to develop a software

I am kani I want to become Computer Engineer. I am doing my 10th. Completing 12th with Computer science Group can join Compter Engineer. But will be able to develop a software by Completing Engg. #computer-science #engineer #teacher #computer #computer-engineering #technical

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2 answers

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Ahmad’s Answer

Whether you will be able to develop softwares or not, completely depends on how dedicated you are. You will be eligible for development roler after your engineering. However, if must practice programming as much as you can to enhance your programming skills. Right now, start from learning Object oriented concepts and take languages such as C/C++..and then move with Java and python. Also try to learn databases like oracle and SQL. Getting a job as a software developer is not a big deal at all. But skills are the most important thing in todays IT environments. More so, the technologies are changing very fast, so make sure that your basics are strong, so that you can adapt quickly into a new platform/technology as required

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Wael’s Answer

Yes, you would be able to develop programs after you graduate and even before. Computer engineering prepare you in the software and the hardware side of computers. If you are only interested in codding, then computer science, information systems, and software engineering would be a better fit for you.