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i want become a computer network engineer?please guide my caeer

i want become a network engineer #any #professional

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5 answers

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Ashish’s Answer


To begin with, I would recommend reading this book "tcp ip jeff doyle volume 2". Most the CS Networking books which are taught in Indian Engineering colleges are quite old and still talk of foundation technologies. If YouTube is accessible and feasible to you, I would recommend reading the book and each topic and then look for videos on the YouTube. If you can get hands on CBT Nuggets videos, that would be great. So the idea is to get acquainted to Routing and Switching environment and then skill yourself on the various branch of Networking from there.

Ashish recommends the following next steps:

Get Hands on book: tcp ip jeff doyle volume 2, If not possible, try finding the list of topics in this book.
For each topic, try finding videos on those, the introductory ones and then move towards the advanced. At your current skillset, I would say to get the feel of each topic in the mentioned book.
You can ask further questions on the topic which interests you on various forum like Quora, here, cisco community and the first best effort would be "Google" it.
Cisco Community forum: https://community.cisco.com/t5/technology-and-support/ct-p/technology-support

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Amol’s Answer

Hi marilingamma,

If you interested in computer networking then you should read some basics about TCP/IP Protocol suite (by Fourazan ) then you an go for entry level certification like CCENT and CCNA.You can get most of videos related to computer networking , TCP/IP on udemy.com , Ine.com . etc.

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Wael’s Answer

Check the link below.


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Ahmad’s Answer

#study a Bachelor or Master degree in Computer Science
#achieve certification like CCNA,CCNP or CCIE

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Vijaya’s Answer

Adding to the above, once you are good at the basic networking concepts. you could choose the technology of your choice to specialize ( R&S, DC, security, Wireless etc), which help in getting job.