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Edaviene . May 23, 2012 2415 views

Are there any other job options in the education feild besides becoming a teacher?

Hi Im a Junior, im intrested in majoring in education.What I wanted to know is are there any other job options in the education feild besides becoming a teacher?If there are, what other degrees do I have to persue in college to get that...

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Emmanuella Ringnyu N. Aug 11, 2014 43870 views

What are the subjects studied to become a journalist?

I'm 16years old and I have a passion for reading to people to understand and enjoy and know what I'm talking about. I'm of Cameroonian origin and just had the ordinary levels, so as I'm going to high school I will like to study subjects that will help me become a journalist in future that is...

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Clareta B. Aug 12, 2014 2670 views

What do social media marketers do on a day to day basis?

I'm a rising senior and this year I'm going to be working on my college applications. I want to be a marketing major. For anyone who works in social media as a marketer can you please help me understand what social media marketers do on a day to day basis? Im on social media all the time and I...

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Rockeem R. Oct 02, 2014 1503 views

What is the fastest way to learn how to cook, School, or trial and error?

I want to cook at a resturant #chef...


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Joseph N. Oct 28, 2014 1360 views

How can I get to the NBA?

I am in 8 th grade . I love the game of basketball. I want to go to the nba . #sports...


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Prathik V. Nov 04, 2014 2638 views
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F.ochoa O. Nov 19, 2014 1074 views

What's the best college football team?

I think it would be nice to know when I am choosing which college to apply to. #football #coaching #athlete...


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Ksenia V. Nov 20, 2014 5949 views

Starting a day center for adults with special needs

Hi! So I want to start a day center for adults with special needs...a place where they can come during the day and have social interaction so their parents can go to work. I am planning on majoring in Business Administration-Entrepreneurship. What should I minor in...physchology? or what.. also...

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Haley K. Nov 21, 2014 1557 views

What would you suggest doing in college to be able to get a job immediately out of it?

I want to make the most of my college experience, but also prepare myself well for a job when I finish. #college...


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RJ A. Dec 04, 2014 3542 views

What does a typical college journalism class look like

I am asking because I am interested in becoming a newspaper journalist, sports journalist, or broadcast journalist after college #sports #journalism #news...


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Angelica G. Jan 13, 2015 769 views

what schools in California are good to become a veterinarian?

i am a senior in high school and am interested in becoming a veterinarian and i have already applied to colleges but want to know what other ones may be good for me to apply on my path to becoming a veterinarian. #school #veterinarian...


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Cindy H. Jan 13, 2015 1656 views

Is it better to go to a 4-year college or transfer in from a community college?

I'm debating whether I should go straight to a 4 year or transfer in from a community college. #college...


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Amara O. Jan 20, 2015 28641 views
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Lexi K. Jan 21, 2015 1741 views

How do I find the right career path?

Teachers, family members, and friends advise you to pick a career / career path that you will enjoy. The problem with that is I don't know what I want to do. I don't want to wait till the last second to pick my career choice either. I know I would prefer a job that involves helping others and /...

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