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Senad’s Avatar
Senad May 18, 2016 1829 views

Is marketing a good major?

My name is Senad and I'm a senior in high school and soon graduating. I know what I want to do in the future and I'm trying to take the right steps to get there, I'm asking this question because I have an idea where I should start but don't know if it's the best way to start on my path to...

Maria’s Avatar
Maria Oct 23, 2016 1226 views

What all do I need to do to become a physical therapist?

I've researched this topic quite a bit, but most of what I've found has been confusing. I'm the kind of person who likes a checklist, but the information I've gathered for this is all catty-wompus! (Excuse my old sayings...) #career-choice #physical-therapist #physical-therapy

Ekeko’s Avatar
Ekeko Apr 13, 2018 1031 views

What is an average day in the life of a neurologist and neuroscientist like?

I am really interested in the #brain, and how it functions, but more importantly want to find new discoveries about it. What is a day in the life of his job like,hand is worth all the school years?
#neurology #Neurologist #neuroscience #neuroscientist

Javon’s Avatar
Javon Aug 17, 2018 819 views

How can i become a better college student?

I have a 3.0 GPA i live on campus but i feel like i can do more. #inneedofhelp #college #college-advice #time-management

Ignacio’s Avatar
Ignacio Oct 31, 2016 3389 views

Is electrical engineering a good major in our day and age?

I am planning on majoring in electrical engineering at the University of Arizona #electrical-engineering

Linda’s Avatar
Linda May 11, 2016 44450 views

How long does it take to become a pediatrician?

How long do pediatricians go to school? #pediatrician #medicine #hospital-and-health-care #college #career

Randi’s Avatar
Randi Aug 07, 2018 781 views

What should I do if I find it very hard to write about myself for my college apps and scholarship essays?

#scholarship #scholarships #creative-writing #writing

MaryAnn’s Avatar
MaryAnn Apr 18, 2018 2570 views

What are scholarship essay judges usually looking for, aside from good grammar and syntax?

When someone is applying for a scholarship that includes an essay, how do the judges usually choose the winner? Obviously it will vary based on the topic, but what makes up a good scholarship essay?

#scholarship #scholarships #scholarship-essay #college-essay

Chika’s Avatar
Chika Jan 14, 2018 672 views

Does anyone know of any secret (not well known) scholarships?

I've been applying to scholarships like crazy because I want to graduate with no debt. I'm currently a high school senior, but I'm also a full time dual enrollment student. This makes applying much longer. #scholarships

Kimberly’s Avatar
Kimberly Jan 16, 2018 635 views

Are there any credible sites for people looking for scholarships?

I am trying to finish my last year in college and really need to pay for the last few months I have left. I have been told by a counselor in my own college what site I should go on to sign up for scholarships, but so far I have gained a few spam messages only after signing up for that page....

Natalie’s Avatar
Natalie Jan 14, 2018 896 views

How can I get the scholarships I need?

My dad works with the government and earns enough money to make us ineligible for many need-based scholarships, but his pay alone isn't enough to help me pay for my college career. How can I make every application count? #scholarships #scholarship #college #college-scholarships...

Armando’s Avatar
Armando Dec 20, 2017 1089 views

What are some reliable websites or places that provide students with resources such as scholarships, grants, etc?

I'm no different from many other college students in terms of realizing that going to college is quite expensive. Most of us find ourselves struggling to find financial aid and resources that will allow us to pursue our chosen profession. As a grad student, I've had to apply for loans and I...

Martha’s Avatar
Martha Dec 15, 2017 1096 views

Does anybody know of websites to look for scholarships?

Looking for scholarships to help pay for college tuition. #scholarships #university-of-texas #financial #grants #college


Giancarla’s Avatar
Giancarla Nov 01, 2016 915 views

How do students better qualify for scholarships and how can they improve their chance of recieving them, especially one geared towards their STEM major?

I would like to know some tips on increasing my chances of receiving scholarships towards my future major. #college #financial-aid #scholarships

Ian’s Avatar
Ian May 27, 2016 1015 views

What is the most efficient method to find and win scholarships for college?

I would like to be able to raise as much money as possible to be able to attend college in the future. #college #student #scholarships