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Posted on Nov 30, 2017

I want to be a cyber security analyst in Chicago, IL and work in fraud or law enforcement.

Context: I have a strong interest in law enforcement and specifically in cyber security. I've always wanted to understand why people do what they do and finding new ways of enforcing the law and preventing crimes. I believe this is especially relevant to cyber crime and understanding what can be done to prevent cyber attacks, fraud, etc.
College: As of May 2016 I graduated from Lewis University with a criminal justice degree and plans to pursue a career in law enforcement and information security.
Other Education: I am currently attending DePaul University as a graduate student and plan on receiving my degree by June 2019.
Activities: N/A
Job Experience: I haven't had the opportunity to acquire any job experience specific to cyber security. But it's my hope that I will be acquire an internship in the next few months and that the experience I obtain will lead to other opportunities and eventually a job after graduation.
Soft Skills: I am able to work independently and in a team to problem solve in order to find an appropriate solution. I also have exceptional organizational and time management skills that allow me to prioritize my workload.
Hard Skills: I have a Bachelors in criminal justice and speak fluent Spanish. I also have some experience working with python, java, html, css and c.
Other: N/A

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