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Erika Mar 23, 2020 804 views

What is the path to working in diplomacy/international affairs like?

I’m now a college freshman majoring in global studies, which I’m starting to realize is a bit different from the standard international relations degree (my school doesn’t offer this). I’m still interested working in world affairs (dream would be becoming a diplomat or working in an embassy),...

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Erika Jan 22, 2018 1042 views

What do architecture programs in college look for in portfolios when applying?

I've heard that applying to architecture schools is really competitive. I've looked up some sample portfolios online, and they're always so amazing! I think of myself as an artistic person, but I don't think my art skills are phenomenal. If I don't have fantastic art pieces for my portfolio,...

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Erika Jan 22, 2018 653 views

How hard is it for architects to get clients or projects?

I'm asking this question because I'm interested in studying architecture in college and maybe making it my career. Before I do decide, I just want to know the difficulties of being an architect and see if it is for me.
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